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COBRA Golf Launches New Version of Its Popular T-Rail Irons Utilizing All New Baffler Hollow Split Rails

CARLSBAD, CA – COBRA Golf®, a leader in golf club innovation, today unveiled the next generation of COBRA T-RAIL (Transition Rail) irons, a full hollow set that utilizes a unique hybrid-iron shape and advanced Baffler Rail technologies to create the optimal blend of distance and extreme forgiveness to take the super game improvement category to the next level.

The COBRA T-RAIL combines the forgiveness of a COBRA Baffler® hybrid with the precision of an iron in a one-of-a-kind set that is designed for anyone looking for a better game. The T-RAIL hybrid-irons combine the best attributes of a hybrid and an iron into one incredibly easy-to-hit club.  A hollow, wide sole shape with an iron face and topline, creates the perfect blend of distance, forgiveness and accuracy. A hollow body construction throughout the set gives every club hybrid-like launch and distance, to get the ball airborne with ease.

The next evolution of COBRA’s T-Rail product line debuts all new Baffler Hollow Split Rails. Hollow rails in the front create up to 70% more flex on the sole right behind the face to enhance launch and ball speed while maintaining excellent turf interaction from the signature Baffler Rail design. A high-strength, forged steel face designed with variable thickness E9 Technology increases ball speed and distance on off-center hits.   

T-RAIL irons set transitions from a 5 hybrid-iron to a classic 4-hybrid in replacement of a 4 hybrid-iron.  The classic hybrid shape has a lower and deeper CG that provides higher launch, and increased spin making it fly higher and land softer than the hybrid-iron version.  In addition to making longer approach shots easier and more consistent, the 4-hybrid also helps to perfect gapping between the longer clubs in the set.  The T-RAIL transition set is available in both men’s and women’s.

The Men’s T-RAIL Graphite 7-piece Transition Set ($999), in dual PVD chrome & black finish, offers a 4-hybrid and 5-PW hybrid-irons in RH or LH options, with COBRA ULTRALITE 50g graphite shafts in Stiff, Reg and a 45g shaft in Lite flex and COBRA Lamkin Crossline grips. A 5-hybrid, 6-hybrid, GW & SW are also available through custom for players to perfect their desired gapping and level of forgiveness. The Men’s T-RAIL irons are also available in steel through custom with COBRA ULTRALITE (97g) shafts. The Women’s T-RAIL Graphite Transition Set ($999), in a chrome, black/pink colorway, comes with a 5-hybrid and 6-PW, SW irons in RH and LH options and utilizes COBRA ULTRALITE 45g graphite (Ladies flex) shafts and COBRA Lamkin Crossline grips. A 4h, 6h and GW are available through custom. Both the Men’s and Women’s T-RAIL sets will be available beginning March 26, 2021.


New PXG GEN4 Golf Clubs Are Engineered for Awesome Performance

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – New PXG GEN4 Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, and Irons deliver more distance, more accuracy, more forgiveness, and more fun across the bag. PXG’s flagship GEN4 Golf Clubspresent significant advancements in materials innovations, combined with precision engineering and personalized performance. Available for presale starting today, GEN4 is everything golfers expect from PXG and more.

GEN4 Drivers, Fairways, and Hybrids introduce a game-changing muscleback Hybrid Crown Construction with AV (Aluminum Vapor) Carbon Fiber Technology. The bold new design presents visible technology that increases the durability of the structure and the stiffness and stability of the carbon fiber for optimal spring, faster ball speeds, and more distance.

Across the metal woods lineup, a vibration-dampening Honeycomb TPE Insert in the sole helps ensure every club feels and sounds as good as it looks. And with personalized performance as a critical design feature, all clubs have an adjustable hosel and Precision Weighting Technology. Used to fine-tune head weight, launch, and spin, there are three sole weights in the Driver and two in the Fairway Woods and Hybrids.

PXG 0811 GEN4 Drivers

Designed to deliver killer performance no matter how you hit it off the tee, PXG 0811 GEN4 Drivers present three game-changing head shapes – XF, X, and XT. All offer a Ti811 body and a Ti412 face material. While the face material is exceptionally strong, it also supports significant face deflection and more spring for breakneck ball speeds.

The 0811 XF GEN4 Driver features a larger profile, designed to build confidence and optimized for exceptional forgiveness. The XF has a lower side profile combined with a deep front-to-back head shape. These features increase MOI while maintaining a low and back center-of-gravity (CG) location to produce a high trajectory, tight dispersion, and excellent distance performance.

The 0811 X GEN4 Driver offers a moderate profile and aggressively sloped crown to lower the CG to deliver low spin performance and exceptional distance while maintaining outstanding forgiveness.

The 0811 XT GEN4 Driver presents a tour-inspired teardrop head shape and a shallow face with a more parallel crown and sole design. These features reduce drag forces to help produce extremely fast ball speeds and exceptional distance.

PXG 0341 GEN4 Fairways & PXG 0317 GEN4 Hybrids

GEN4 Fairway Woods and Hybrids present an AM355 body material and an HT1770 face. The body material supports a high-performance head design that delivers ideal launch and spin characteristics. While the thin, high-strength steel face is optimized for blazing fast ball speeds.

PXG 0341 X GEN4 Fairway Woods have an innovative new head shape that positions the CG low and forward for high launch and optimal spin.

PXG 0317 X GEN4 Hybrids offer a large profile that promotes confidence at address while a deep, squared face design creates added forgiveness on off-center hits.

PXG 0311 GEN4 Irons

PXG GEN4 Irons introduce the company’s proprietary new XCOR Technology. The result of a multi-year research and development project, XCOR was engineered specifically for use in PXG’s GEN4 Iron lineup. The material is incredibly soft and has high C.O.R., supporting more face movement and a colossal sweet spot. Coupled with PXG’s ultra-thin face – the thinnest in golf – GEN4 Irons offer a powerful combination of unbelievable forgiveness, explosive distance, and an incredible sound and feel.

Made from 8620 soft carbon steel, GEN4’s complex body geometry requires separate forgings using five unique sets of tooling and five hits to form each part. The clubhead’s back surface is then CNC milled to create an exact, thin-walled, high-performance body design.

GEN4 Irons also integrate new Precision Weighting Technology. The sizeable adjustable weight located near the CG on the back of the clubhead allows golfers to quickly and easily experience various head weight configurations during a fitting.

With three head designs – Xtreme Performance, Players, and Tour – PXG is taking personalized performance to the absolute extreme to ensure golfers at every level of the game get the most out of their irons.


Bridgestone Golf Introduces Tour B XS Yellow in Response to Player Demand

COVINGTON, GA – Bridgestone Golf, the #1 Ball-Fitter in Golf, announced today the release of the new Bridgestone TOUR B XS in yellow. Featuring all the same advanced performance features and innovative technologies as the standard TOUR B XS, which was designed with help of Tiger Woods, the new yellow version is a direct result of consumer demand.

Like the standard white TOUR B XS, the yellow version features REACTIV cover technology, which employs an “impact modifier,” to allow the urethane to behave differently based on swing speed.  For example, when struck with a driver or any longer club, the REACTIV urethane cover “reacts,” as a firmer, more resilient material, providing more speed and distance. However, on slower swings with a wedge or short iron, the cover performs like a softer material, creating more shot-stopping spin and control.

Other features of the TOUR B XS yellow include a three-piece construction, patented Gradational Compression Core, and an Active Acceleration Mantle that helps provide maximum distance in the long game. Another noteworthy aspect of the TOUR B XS yellow is that unlike many other colored urethane models, it does not need to be painted, as the injection molded urethane cover material already contains yellow pigment. Removing this step in the production process yields a more consistent product that performs identically to the standard white model (which also does not require a painting process).

The new Bridgestone TOUR B XS yellow golf ball will be available at retail on March 12 with a street price of $44.99/dozen. For help selecting which premium Bridgestone model is the right ball for them, consumers should try Bridgestone’s VFIT for a free video ball-fitting consultation.

Visit Bridgestone Golf HERE

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