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Golf News – July 9, 2024

VESSEL To Release a Limited Edition Collection as The Official Partner of The Open Championship

CARLSBAD, CA – In an exciting partnership with The Open, VESSEL is proud to announce the release of an exclusive The Open Collection.

This limited edition collection celebrates the rich tradition and esteemed legacy of one of golf’s most iconic championships.

Drawing inspiration from the Championship’s renowned navy blue color and featuring the prestigious silver Claret Jug logo, the collection embodies the spirit and heritage of The Open.

Meticulously crafted, The Open and VESSEL Collection showcases VESSEL’s renowned tour-performance golf bags alongside its best-selling travel bags, blending functionality with timeless elegance.


New Galvin Green Shirt Collection Offers Golfers a Unique Look

ALPHARETTA, GA – The exclusive designs of the latest shirt collection from leading high-tech golf apparel brand Galvin Green were inspired by flowing DNA molecular structures and offer golfers a selection of super distinctive styles that are sure to stand out on the course this summer.

Crafted to provide top breathability and UV protection in warmer temperatures, the new styles incorporate a series of eye-catching scientific patterns to ensure the shirts continue the sustainable brand’s legacy of challenging traditional golfing conceptions. The all-encompassing men’s collection is comprised of 12 bold designs in an unmatched palette of colors, while six contemporary women’s styles deliver an unrivalled fashionable look.

Galvin Green designers have carefully selected the most durable materials to ensure the breathable shirts are manufactured to the highest quality in order to provide market leading product longevity, while also delivering excellent value for customers. As an Innovation Partner to the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf, the Swedish apparel brand is committed to delivering the most responsibly made garments that mitigate environmental impact.

Leading the VENTIL8™ PLUS shirt line is the dazzling MANNIX in an all-over pattern inspired by the molecular structure of Dopamine – a hormone associated with pleasure when golfers hit a great shot or break a personal best. Available in five vibrant colors, the lightweight shirt comes with double cuff sleeve ends and a contrasting placket for an extra special touch.

The captivating MARCUS shirt instantly catches the eye thanks to an all-over DNA pattern. The complex and easily recognisable helix structure is designed with the shapes of golf balls and tee pegs for those who enjoy golf to the fullest. The shirt comes in four colorways, including a super refreshing Atlantis Green option.

The MILLER shirt provides a super sophisticated appearance to draw attention for all the right reasons on and off the fairways. It features an all-over micro golf ball print, plus a contrasting collar and sleeve ends to ensure the design is the envy of playing partners this season. It is available in six trendy color options, including a stellar Red/Navy style.

The distinctive MILO is inspired by the nerve signals connecting the human mind and body to offer an equally striking appearance, while the MACOY incorporates a diagonal stripe across the chest in four different shades of color to draw the eye. Both shirts boast a tailored collar and open sleeve ends and come in five and three colorways respectively.

Completing the top men’s range is the MELVIN which also features a micro golf ball print to resemble the shooting movement of cells in the body to provide a superb summer golf look.

For women, the chic MANDY golf shirt leads the way offering top performance and super fashionable looks in abundance. It draws inspiration from the DNA helix structure in a wavy graphic that depicts the movement of golf balls to offer something totally unique. The garment comes in three color combinations, including a White/Cool Grey style that can be paired with skirts, skorts and pants in matching VENTIL8™ PLUS fabric for a superior outfit.

The MINNIE sleeveless shirt features a similar print based on flowing molecular movement to resemble gentle frills. Providing a superb look and soft feel, it features a buttonless V-neck collar and comes in five vivid colorways, including the fresh Camelia Rose/White option.

The contemporary MEG design and super stretchy MAYLA seersucker fabric shirt are two other top sleeveless styles for the hottest of days on the golf course, while the bold MELODY and two-tone MIRELLE short-sleeve shirts can be worn both on and off the fairways.

Visit Galvin Green Golf HERE

Mindset Testing Data Proves New Visual Technology Leads to Lower Scores

COVINGTON, GA – Bridgestone Golf, the #1 Ball-Fitter in Golf, today released the results of MindSet testing with players from a wide range of handicaps. After being available at retail for just six months, Bridgestone conducted in-depth consumer testing to determine if players are saving meaningful strokes with MindSet and exactly how many. The impressive results indicate the vast majority of testers who used the TOUR B with MindSet and the MindSet process improved their scores significantly over the course of just five rounds.

MindSet is a visual technology appearing on Bridgestone’s TOUR B golf balls that is designed to help players separate analytical thoughts from athletic performance by way of an improved pre-shot routine and greater focus at address. Currently it is both the only printed ball technology aimed at lowering scores as well as the only gear in the golf category that addresses mental focus on the course. The outstanding results of the latest consumer MindSet testing are not surprising, as proprietary research done in conjunction with the Spring GPAU survey conducted by Golf Datatech, a Circana Company, indicates 74% of recreational players are interested in developing a new pre-shot routine to quiet their mind and hit more consistent shots.

While conducting the most recent testing with consumers, Bridgestone fit players from a wide range of handicaps to the right TOUR B model with MindSet for their game and instructed them on how to use the MindSet process. After the ball fitting, each tester played five rounds of golf using MindSet and recorded their scores, which were then compared to those of their previous five rounds before switching to MindSet. The results were nothing short of stunning, with over 80% of players seeing a scoring improvement of nearly three strokes on average.

“What MindSet is actually doing is getting the player prepared to hit their best shot,” said Jason Day. “The process effectively provides the steps for any player, particularly amateurs, to perform better from tee to green. And it doesn’t matter who you are as it fits everyone’s game, regardless of handicap or ability level.”

The MindSet process, which is aimed at separating the analytical mind from athletic execution, was developed over the course of a decade by Jason Day and respected performance coach Jason Goldsmith. The process consists of three simple steps that work with the MINDSET graphic: IDENTIFY, VISUALIZE, FOCUS. The first step, in which players look at the outer, red circle of the MINDSET graphic, involves making critical decisions regarding the upcoming shot. This step requires the player to IDENTIFY the target and gather information regarding distance, wind conditions, club selection, and shot shape. Once these decisions have been made, the inner yellow circle prompts the player to move to step two, which is to VISUALIZE the shot path. This step is about connecting to the target and includes visualizing the shot to the target. In the final step, the green dot prompts full FOCUS on execution – green means “go,” and focusing on the green dot enables the golfer to clear their mind of all thoughts and swing away with confidence.

Visit Bridgestone Golf HERE

Breakthrough Golf Introduces the New Brava Tour Driver Shaft

Built For Serious Golfers, Serious About Performance.

DALLAS, TX– Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) is pleased to introduce the new Brava Tour driver shaft, designed for serious golfers with faster swing speeds to help stabilize powerful swings, providing better control and accuracy.

“Golfers want a driver that will give them distance off the tee,” said Barney Adams, CEO of Breakthrough Golf. “You can have the best driver head on the market, but unless you have a shaft designed specifically for increased ball speed and distance, you won’t see the results you would expect. That’s why we designed the Brava Tour driver shaft. It’s engineered for maximum power for serious golfers with faster swing speeds.”

The Brava Tour allows golfers to consistently achieve longer drives and experience unparalleled distance and accuracy. Added weight helps stabilize the clubhead, allowing for more consistent and controlled swings, which generates more momentum, leading to increased ball speed and distance.
Exclusive Speedflite NRG™ technology integrates premium Toray™ carbon fiber, boasting strength 10x that of steel at a fraction of its weight, delivering ball speed and optimal smash factor.

Brava Tour Testing vs. the Top 2 Leading Driver Shafts Showed:

  • 63% of players averaged 7 yards more istance
  • 25% achieved tighter ball dispersion

Key features:

  • Stiffer Tip provides better control and accuracy
  • 10g heavier than Brava which allows faster swing speeds to maintain a smoother, more balanced swing tempo.
  • Low Launch and Low Torque: Achieves a more powerful ball flight and greater accuracy with minimized face oscillation.
  • Designed for golfers with 90+mph swing speeds
  • Available in R, S, X flex options.

Visit Breakthrough Golf Technologies HERE

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