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G/Fore Adds Softspike Stability to Their Gallivanter Golf Shoe

LOS ANGELES, CA – Luxury lifestyle brand and golf footwear innovator, G/FORE is thrilled to bring a new cleat system to an original fan favourite with the G/LOCK Gallivanter (pronounced GEE-LOCK).

Combining the familiarity of the popular Gallivanter with the superior ground control of TourFlexPro® softspikes, the new G/LOCK Gallivanter is designed for the player seeking serious stability. According to Macneill Engineering, 82% of tour players wore softspikes and 94 of the last 100 championships were won with them in the past year. Studies show that wearing the replaceable cleat system results in increased distance, control, and consistency. It’s the winning equipment that makes the difference.

Designed with ten points of contact with the ground for increased dispersion of weight, G/LOCK Gallivanter’s spikes feature center stingers and flexible expanding legs to fully grip the course. Retailing for $245, the premium golf shoe is ideal for the traditionalist looking for increased traction and torque.

Just as the name suggests, it offers optimal locked-in precision with the heritage cleat system while nodding to golf’s illustrious history. Please welcome the new G/LOCK Gallivanter to an already impressive array of G/FORE footwear.

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Play Smart, Score Everywhere with the RTX Full-Face 2 and Smart Sole Full-Face Wedges

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – CLEVELAND GOLF® is excited to introduce the latest additions to its Wedge family: RTX Full-Face 2 and Smart Sole Full-Face Wedges. These new offerings combine premium, thoughtful design with larger striking areas for added forgiveness and playability.

All-new RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges are designed to deliver exceptional versatility and give skilled golfers everything they need to tackle open-face shots with confidence. Featuring hosel-to-toe grooves and an extended toe area, RTX Full-Face 2 provides maximum versatility, spin, and consistency across the course.

RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges are equipped with HydraZip technology – a dynamic blast and laser-milled line system integrated into the face of the Wedge. This unique treatment helps maximize spin in wet or dry conditions, or from anywhere around the green. The lasered micro-milling lines are angled toward RTX Full-Face 2’s grooves, adding more roughness and friction at impact.

RTX Full-Face 2 features improved UltiZip grooves. Across the striking area, UltiZip helps to cut through grass and debris at contact, for added bite at impact. Meanwhile, a high-toe profile enlarges the striking area for added confidence on aggressive short-game shots.

Packed with even more of Cleveland Golf’s proprietary ZipCore material, RTX Full-Face 2 gives players better short-game consistency and forgiveness. ZipCore helps position the Center of Gravity closer to where the club strikes the ball for more consistent performance and enhanced forgiveness. RTX Full-Face 2 features up to 96% more ZipCore material compared to its predecessor, which results in MOI gains of up to 13%.

RTX Full-Face 2 features three versatile sole grind options, each optimized based on loft groupings. For lower lofts ranging from 50°- 52°, an S-Shaped sole with 8° of bounce, provides an optimal balance of control and maneuverability. Sand Wedge lofts feature a similar S-Shaped sole, but with more bounce at 10° for tackling bunker shots. Lofts of 58° and higher, feature a C-Shaped sole with 8° bounce, designed for flops or escapes from challenging lies.

For those seeking a bespoke Wedge experience, Cleveland Golf’s Tour Rack program is available for RTX Full-Face 2. These raw Wedges can be customized and personalized with the player’s preferred sole grinds, leading edge shape, and more.

Smart Sole Full-Face Wedges feature four specialized clubs, each designed for nearly all types of short-game shots. With upgraded, Three-Tiered Sole Designs, Smart Sole Full-Face Wedges provide maximum forgiveness from anywhere on the course.

Smart Sole Full-Face Wedges feature a 46% larger striking area than the previous model – the largest clubface ever on a Cleveland Golf Wedge. They also provide more MOI than the previous Smart Sole generation. New alignment lines at the bottom of the club face are designed to help golfers keep the club centered behind the ball at address and keep a square club face at impact.

Each Smart Sole Full-Face model is tailored for specific situations around the green. The C-model is ideal for chip shots or bump-and-runs. The G-model is for full or partial approach shots. The S-model is designed for easier sand savings, while the L-model is engineered for high arching shots into short-sided pin locations.

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Dunlop Sports Americas Announces the Relaunch of Never Compromise Putters

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Dunlop Sports Americas is excited to announce the relaunch of the iconic Never Compromise Reserve putter line. Never Compromise offers golfers an uncompromised putting experience with a one-of-a-kind fitting method that promotes rhythmic strokes, pure strikes, and glide-like rolls.

The Never Compromise experience is built around a unique length fitting process. Each fitting begins by assessing the players’ putting setup using a length fitting tool that helps each golfer address the ball with correct setup and posture. Then, fitters calculate bespoke putter length that’s precision cut to every quarter inch.

Once the ideal length is chosen, golfers can select their preferred head shape and decide between two finish options – NC Contrast, a black and grey finish, or a traditional Tour Satin finish. Based on length of the putter, interchangeable sole weights are available to ensure a consistent feel for each putter. Shorter length putters are built with heavier weights, while longer putters are assembled with lighter weights. Finally, golfers can select from one of three custom grip choices. In many locations dealers will have the equipment, training, and components available in-store to build the putter that very same day.
Never Compromise Satin Finishes

Never Compromise Reserve Putters are 100% CNC milled from premium, soft 303 stainless steel and individually weighted for ideal balance based on the putter’s length. Never Compromise also features five stroke-specific models to choose from. Models include three toe hang shapes for slight arc strokes, and two face-balanced shapes for straight strokes. This lineup gives golfers a comprehensive shape selection to address the entire spectrum of stroke types and personal preferences.

In 2024, Never Compromise Reserve Putters will be sold by the XXIO/Never Compromise/ASICS sales team of Dunlop Sports Americas to select locations in many of North America’s finest golf shops. Golfers will also have the opportunity to purchase online and be fit with the same fitting options as dealers using the Never Compromise Quiz Selector tool to find the best fit for their stroke.

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adidas and Malbon Golf Introduce The Crosby Collection

  • Limited-edition capsule features apparel and footwear for men and women inspired by Bing Crosby’s popular Clambake event and the fashion surrounding it
  • Collection includes two special footwear models: the MC87 and Stan Smith Golf
  • The collection will be exclusively available for purchase on, and at select adidas and Malbon Golf retail stores worldwide beginning Monday, January 29

CARLSBAD, CA – The list of people having an impact on the intersection of golf, fashion and entertainment isn’t long. One at the top of that list would certainly be legendary entertainer Bing Crosby, who in 1937 started the popular Crosby Clambake, an annual event that brought musicians, actors, celebrities, and professional golfers together for a friendly competition around a sport they all loved. Today, adidas and Malbon Golf are introducing a special capsule of product – The Crosby Collection – inspired by those early Clambakes and that camaraderie, spirit and fashion from an era that set the stage for what the golf landscape looks like today.

Taking design cues from the fashion that adorned the early days of Bing’s notorious Clambakes, adidas and Malbon Golf put together a range of product for men and women with modern takes on the silhouettes that defined an era. For men, this includes button-down polos, pleated trousers and shorts, crewnecks, a lightweight sport coat and an iconic cardigan inspired by one of the posters from one of the early Clambakes. For women, the capsule includes a color-blocked dress with an argyle print, polos with slightly longer and wider sleeves to go with a boxier cut, and a form-fitting culotte pant. All products feature the technology and materials from adidas that golfers will appreciate on the course.

In addition to the key pieces in the collection, adidas and Malbon will include a checkered anorak, a T-shirt in two colorways featuring the iconic clam decanters that were gifted to all amateur participants in Bing’s Clambakes, and a 5-panel hat. adidas will also include two limited-edition footwear offerings as part of the collection with a specially designed Stan Smith Golf model as well as the new MC87 that mixes performance with style.

The Crosby Collection will be available on Monday, January 29 in limited quantities and will only be available on, the adidas app,, and at select adidas and Malbon Golf retail stores.

Visit the Crosby Collection HERE

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