Golf News – January 25, 2021

Bushnell Golf Launches Phantom 2

OVERLAND PARK, KS – Bushnell Outdoor Products, makers of the #1 laser rangefinder on the PGA Tour, today unveiled its latest innovative GPS device – the Phantom 2. Adding to the robust collection of products to serve golfers of all skill levels, The Phantom 2 continues to live up to the distance made simple mantra.

The Phantom 2 has evolved with numerous upgrades from its predecessor. Introducing GreenView distances with movable pin placements for more accurate distances, the Phantom 2 now offers “Dynamic Green Mapping,” to provide distance measurements based on a golfer’s line of play. Preloaded with more than 38,000 courses – along with up to six hazard/layup distances per hole. The Phantom 2 has upgraded “BITE Technology,” an integrated, high-powered magnet that allows golfers to easily attach the device directly on a cart bar, providing quick and easy yardage readings with 40% larger text. Additional features include auto course and auto hole recognition, shot distance calculator and a battery life of eighteen-plus hours.

Bushnell Golf’s latest, the Phantom 2 also integrates the Bushnell Golf Mobile App. The Phantom 2 uses the app to provide all course updates and additional course information to arm golfers with the confidence needed to hit accurate shots into greens.

The Phantom 2 is offered in four colors –Gray Camo, Neon Orange, Bright Royal Blue and Black.

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Bushnell Golf Announces New ION Edge GPS Watch

OVERLAND PARK, KS – Bushnell Golf, #1 in Electronic Measuring Devices, unveiled the new ION EDGE.   The ION EDGE has been designed to meet the ever-changing needs of golfers wanting wearable EMD’s.   The ION EDGE features a new design with a touchscreen display and the Bushnell Golf app for automatic updates to the more than 38,000 preloaded courses worldwide.  The ION EDGE is one of the industries easiest to use golf GPS watches with instant yardage measurements.

“Creating EMD’s that are both trusted on Tour and by the weekend golfer is extremely important to us,” said William Flood, Global Product Manager at Bushnell Golf. “The ION EDGE is user-friendly with industry leading technology at an affordable price.”

The ION EDGE offers the golfer long battery life (15+ hours), and even more benefits such as a NEW touchscreen display, GreenView with moveable pin placement, Dynamic Green Mapping (front and back distances are shown based on golfer’s line of play), shot distance calculator, and the ability to get up to six hazard distances per hole.

The ION EDGE Golf GPS Watch instantly recognizes courses. It features auto-hole advance which automatically changes from one hole to the next, so a golfer can start play and get front/center/back distances without touching any buttons the rest of the round.

Play Longer:

  • 15+ Hour Battery

Ready for Play:

Over 38,000 worldwide courses preloaded

Additional Features:

  • Touchscreen Display
  • Auto course recognition
  • Auto hole advance
  • Scorekeeper w/ Basic States
  • Easy-to-read front/center/back distances
  • Hazard/layup distances (up to six per hole)
  • Shot distance calculator
  • Bushnell Golf App included with purchase

The ION EDGE GPS Watch will be available in two color combinations – Black and Gray.

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Titleist Introduces New Pro V1 and Pro V1x Golf Balls – Longer Distance, More Greenside Spin, Softer Feel

FAIRHAVEN, MA – Increasing performance through every single layer of the golf ball, the new Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x models are designed for longer distance, even more greenside spin and control and softer feel – with the unmatched ball-to-ball consistency and quality that golfers expect from Titleist.

Available beginning Jan. 27 in golf shops worldwide, 2021 Pro V1 and Pro V1x are the result of new core, casing layer, cover and aerodynamic technologies – including proprietary 388 (Pro V1) and 348 (Pro V1x) dimple designs optimized for extraordinary distance and consistent flight – that combine to make the most trusted and best performing golf balls in the game even better.

From the best players in the world to amateurs of all skill levels, new Pro V1 and Pro V1x are designed for golfers who prioritize performance  above all else. Both new 2021 models deliver longer distance, increased Drop-and-Stop™ greenside control, softer feel and long-lasting durability – while maintaining their differences in flight, feel and spin:

  • New Pro V1 offers the greatest combination of speed, spin and feel in the game, providing the best fit for the majority of golfers. Pro V1 flies lower than Pro V1x with a penetrating trajectory and has a very soft feel.
  • New Pro V1x has a fast, high flight and delivers spin when and where a golfer wants it. Pro V1x is designed for players who want a higher trajectory and increased spin relative to Pro V1, with a slightly firmer feel.

“When a golfer chooses Pro V1 or Pro V1x, they are choosing absolute performance,” said Jeremy Stone, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “Our R&D and Operations teams have spent years engineering new technology into each and every component of 2021 Pro V1 and Pro V1x. When it comes to the performance and quality of these products, we will continue to go to every length possible to help golfers play their best and shoot their lowest scores.”

Advancements in Titleist’s industry-leading multi-component technology are precisely designed to work together, providing total performance and extreme consistency on every shot:

  • Reformulated 2.0 ZG Process Cores deliver increased distance in the solid core Pro V1 and dual core Pro V1x.
  • Faster High-Flex Casing Layer adds speed and lowers long game spin. This highly-resilient, high-speed ionomer was initially developed for and validated by Pro V1x Left Dash.
  • New, Softer Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover – the softest cover formulation ever used on a Pro V1 or Pro V1x – increases greenside spin for more control in the short game.
  • New Spherically-tiled Tetrahedral Dimple Designs – featuring a 388 dimple layout for Pro V1, and 348 for Pro V1x – are optimized to each model to maximize distance and flight consistency. Pro V1 maintains its penetrating trajectory while Pro V1x will fly higher than the prior generation.

The new dimple designs on 2021 Pro V1 and Pro V1x – the first entirely new patterns since 2011 – are the result of Titleist’s unparalleled commitment to understanding and improving the flight of the golf ball.

Since the original Pro V1 debuted 20 years ago, Titleist R&D has designed, manufactured and tested more than 1,900 aerodynamic patterns. That includes more than 60 different iterations of 2021 Pro V1’s 388 dimple layout, and more than 30 versions of Pro V1x’s 348 dimple design.

The continued investment in advanced technology and quality control at Titleist Ball Plants 3 and 4 – where every Pro V1 and Pro V1x are manufactured by Titleist associates to the industry’s highest performance and quality specifications – ensures that every new generation of Pro V1 and Pro V1x are the best performing and most consistent models ever. Consistency from ball to ball, and dozen to dozen is critical to allowing golfers to consistently execute the same types of shots, round after round.

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