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Cleveland Golf Unveils New HB SOFT 2 Putters with Nine Stroke-Specific Models

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – The all-new HB SOFT 2 Putter line from CLEVELAND GOLF® integrates Speed Optimized Face Technology with nine, stroke-specific models designed to enhance players performance on the greens in a finely tuned, near-custom putter.

Designed to provide golfers with truer strikes and more consistent swing feel, HB SOFT 2 caters to different stroke types. By designating the appropriate hosel, shaft, and grip for both face-balanced and moderate toe hang models, this ensures each putter is built to match the player’s individual stroke.

“We want golfers to stand over their ball knowing their putter is going to be in sync with their stroke. With nine models to choose from, there’s an HB SOFT 2 that can fit your needs on the greens and golfers will be able see and feel the difference of having a putter designed specifically for their stroke.”
Jacob Lambeth, R&D Research Engineer Supervisor at Cleveland Golf

A key feature of the HB SOFT 2 is Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT). SOFT uses individualized milling patterns in each model to normalize ball speed across the putter face, resulting in more consistent distance regardless of where the putt is struck. These unique milling patterns are carefully aligned to each head shape’s Center of Gravity, MOI, and weighting profile.

To further enhance swing feel, a 20g counterbalance weight in the butt end of the shaft is included in each HB SOFT 2 model 35 inches and over. This provides consistent feel, regardless of shaft length, giving golfers the confidence to execute their strokes with precision.

Based on stroke type and alignment preferences, HB SOFT 2 features Cleveland Golf’s custom-made pistol grips. For a slight arc stroke type, the HB SOFT 2 Pistol grip has a classic look and allows the hands to naturally turn over through the stroke. For those with a more “straight back, straight through” motion, HB SOFT 2 Pistol Oversize grip promotes a stable stroke, while still maintaining feel and control.

HB SOFT 2 also introduces a completely new head shape to Cleveland Golf’s putting matrix; HB SOFT 2 RETREVE. RETREVE is the company’s first ever putter with the ability to pick the ball out of the hole, or from any surface without bending over to grab it.

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Honma Golf Debuts Three New Performance-Driven Golf Balls

CARLSBAD, CA — Honma Golf proudly introduces an innovative trio of golf ball models to the North American market. Available this spring, the new TW-X and TW-S golf balls deliver top-tier ball speed, spin and overall performance while the D1 ball packs distance, forgiveness and durability at a price point and reliability that has helped make it one of the best-selling balls in the Asian market.

The TW-X and TW-S both sport a premium cast urethane cover that provides amazing spin performance on short irons, increased durability, and an extremely scratch-resistant surface. The cast urethane cover provides a soft feel with surprising durability, creating a ball that retains its resilience after rigorous use, from iron shots to bunker escapes. The TW-X and TW-S deliver exceptional feel shot after shot. The cast urethane cover bites into the grooves of the club face during shots at low clubhead speeds, increasing ground contact time and achieving high spin performance.

Honma’s 326 Dimple construction was developed over a rigorous three-year design process. The 326 dimples are intentionally aligned with a certain size to withstand strong winds with mid/high trajectory. This provides a highly stable trajectory for any shot. A simple yet sophisticated alignment design enhances player concentration. PRICING $36 dozen.


  • Improved Initial Velocity and Spin Performance
  • Newly Formulated LD Core – greater distance, achieved by enhanced initial velocity from newly formulated Large-Diameter core.
  • High Elasticity FLEX Layer – overwhelming distance by adopting high-elasticity FLEX in the layer that increases repulsion for more initial speed.


  • Evolved Spin Performance and Feel
  • Newly Formulated LS Soft Core – the newly formulated Large-Soft core improves the initial velocity of the ball and achieves further distance.
  • Soft FLEX Layer – a newly developed ionomer layer increases backspin on iron shots and provides a softer feel for improved control.

The Honma D1 model, which has been the No. 1 sales volume ball in the Japanese market, has now been improved and updated for 2024 for the demands of the North American market. Designed for golfers who desire straight ball flight, solid feel and premium distance, the D1 ball showcases advanced performance with advanced raw material formulation.

With environmental sustainability in mind, Honma’s 2024 D1 ball is designed to reduce carbon emissions by reducing the volume of butadiene rubber required by using a particulate material for the core.

The newly formulated RM Soft Core, with high initial velocity yet stable feel that is achieved by a larger, softer core fore. This Eco-friendly next-Gen ball contributes to SDGs by blending recycled materials with butadiene rubber (BR). By mixing particulate recycled material into the RB soft core, the amount of butadiene rubber used carbon emissions are reduced drastically.


  • High Durability Ionomer cover, combination of uniquely formulated highly-resilience yet high durability ionomer cover and RM soft core generates incredible distance.
  • 368 Dimple, produce a strong yet stable trajectory.
  • Recycled material used in ball construction.
  • A precise alignment design that maintains concentration by making the line in the direction of movement thicker and the line with the face slightly thinner.

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