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Toulon Golf Announces Latest Small Batch Release — Latrobe

VISTA, CA – In 1964, with the design input from one of the most charismatic athletes in any sport, the 8802 shape was born. Many championships were won with this model — helping to place it in the rarefied position that it holds today in putter design. The name ‘Latrobe’ was selected because it is the birthplace of perhaps its most famous user, and home to his beloved Latrobe Country Club. There have been many renditions of this putter created over the years. For Latrobe we were inspired to take a famous model from the past and modernize it for today’s game.

The Head
This timeless classic is known for its sleek flowing hosel design — one of the most difficult to design and mill and of critical importance in creating a proper tribute. Countless hours were spent designing and several prototypes were produced to get it just right.

In the end, the graceful curves of the neck literally melt into the heel of the head. The hosel is perhaps best viewed from behind. From this view you will notice the way it blends into the back of the heel. You will also see the undercut milled under the top line that blends into the back flange of the head. Again — difficult to machine — but part of the charm of this iconic design. But Latrobe isn’t just about making a beautiful putter. It’s about modernizing the performance of this incredible piece without altering its shape. When this design was created in 1964 green speeds were much slower than they are today. As green speeds have substantially quickened, putter head weights have become progressively heavier. Today, standard head weights are over 350 grams and trending heavier. When the original 8802 was designed the weight was around 310 grams, making the original designs less playable for today’s golf courses.

The Sole
To make this design perform for today we milled the sole plate out of high-density tungsten — more than two times heavier than steel. This allows us to maintain the integrity of the original shape while increasing the head weight to 355 grams.

Small Batch
Latrobe is as playable as it is collectible. The watermarked engraved crowns on the sole pay tribute to the seven major championships won by Latrobe’s most famous user.

At Address
Time was spent softening each radius while keeping the soft and flowing look of this design in line with the original. More time was spent on the top line thickness and radius, maintaining the vintage look. The back flange is adorned with subtle milled lines that run toe to heel and fall gracefully to the back of the head. Latrobe uses no alignment marks as an homage to the original 8802 design.

The Rest of the Package
The Latrobe face is milled with our Fine Double Fly cut, yielding a crisp, responsive feel. Once milling is completed, the head is beautifully hand-polished. Latrobe is finished in a frosted version of our Brilliant Black PVD as a tribute to the satin finish on original 8802s. We’ve paired the Frosted Brilliant Black head with a special Black and Charcoal Toulon pistol grip design and our chrome stepless flared tip steel shaft.

904L Stainless Steel
Unique in its makeup, 904L Stainless Steel contains a much higher content of nickel and copper than more common stainless steel variants. This makes the material much more resistant to corrosion than other stainless steel types, thus improving the overall durability and finish quality. The elevated copper and nickel content also help to create the incredible feel of our Small Batch designs. This steel is used by one of the most renowned Swiss watch makers on their most expensive stainless steel watches. It is very expensive to begin with, and more difficult and time consuming to mill — requiring very slow feed times and specially designed tools.

Latrobe Pricing and Availability
The Small Batch Latrobe is available for purchase on a first come, first served basis on February 9th via the company’s website — A limited number of these exceedingly rare examples are being offered worldwide at $1,800.

Visit Toulon Golf HERE

Newton Shafts, a Division of Sacks Parente Golf, Expands Into Club Champion Stores Nationwide

CAMARILLO, CA,  – Sacks Parente Golf, Inc., a technology-forward golf company with a growing portfolio of golf products including putters, golf shafts, golf grips, and other golf-related accessories, announces the mid-February  availability of golf shafts from its Newton Shafts division — starting with the Newton Motion driver shaft — in all 126 Club Champion stores nationwide.

“We are thrilled to announce that our first Newton Shafts offering, the Newton Motion premium shafts, will soon be available at all Club Champion stores nationwide,” said Greg Campbell, Executive Chairman, Sacks Parente Golf. “The Newton Shaft provides unprecedented performance for all levels of golfers from the pro to the weekend warrior. We are confident that Club Champion customers will be thrilled with these shafts and are looking forward to our continued relationship with this retailer.”

The Newton Motion driver shaft is a carbon fiber shaft designed to enhance a golfer’s performance by promoting straighter and longer shots with reduced effort. Using the Company’s proprietary shaft design and construction, the Newton Motion shaft features four key technologies:

  • Elongated Bend Profile – the shaft bends over a longer span of its length, resulting in improved club speed
  • Kinetic Storage Construction – this proprietary construction empowers the fibers to store more energy that is harnessed through elongated bend, resulting in a significant boost in exit velocity. In contrast to most carbon fiber shafts, SPG’s technology ensures perfect symmetry, eliminating the inconsistencies in flex and spin rates that can often lead to decreased accuracy and distance
  • Newton Symmetry360 Design – this design ensures consistent flex, regardless of the driver’s clocking position
  • Variable Bend Profile – the variable bend profile is meticulously designed to match the bend and torque requirements of each flex

“We love Sacks Parente putters, so it was a natural progression to bring in their new shaft technology,” said Nick Sherburne, Club Champion founder. “We’re excited to see the new shafts in play during custom fittings.”

Visit Newton Shafts HERE

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