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Golf News – February 4, 2016

12631461_1118085721557246_9111411951744500271_nPremium Club Fitting Equals Instant Success! 8 Out Of 9 Golfers Added Up To 21 Yards Off The Tee.

Chicago, IL – With advances in golf club technology, most golfers could easily hit the ball further and more accurately. Yet a Golf Magazine study found that 90% of U.S. golfers may be playing with improperly fit clubs. A Golf Digest study found that 8 of 9 custom fit golfers lowered their score by as much as 6 strokes per round and added up to 21 yards off the tee.

Club Champion is the country’s premier club fitter, builder, and retailer of the best brands in golf. The company delivers a Tour-quality fitting that produces longer, more accurate shots, with a nearly 100% satisfaction rate. Their approach is unbiased; no specific vendor is promoted. The only goal – find the best combination of components to lower your scores.

The company has a unique coupling system that allows them to combine any head and shaft together, so golfers hit the precise combination to be custom built for them. It’s the only fitter to offer 15,000 interchangeable head and shaft combinations on-site, at all fifteen national locations. They feature an array of premium shafts stocked by few, if any of its competitors. Golfers get to hit the exact club that will be custom built for them.

Ranked by Golf Digest as one of the 100 Best Club Fitters three years running, Club Champion hires only master fitters who then receive an additional 100+ hours of training before starting their job; training unmatched, especially by big box golf stores. “The proof is in the results,” says Florida resident Dave Greer. “The fitting process was amazing. The fitter first identified the proper shaft and then found the right head. With each combination, I was able to see the improved results statistically laid out on screen. I picked up 10-20 yards in distance. It’s worth every penny spent just to see the looks on your playing partners’ faces when they see the results of your changes.”

Trackman Pro, the gold standard of launch monitors and simulators, is the same system the PGA Tour uses to track pro stats. Club Champion uses it to take precise club and ball measurements in a controlled environment. “Customers love our experience,” says Club Champion Director of Customer Experience, Mike Trapani.

Former PGA Tour player Jay Williamson says, “While on Tour, I had access to every brand of shaft and head, but I never understood what they did for me. I didn’t have the opportunity to experiment like I do at Club Champion. They bring the same level of service players receive on Tour, including the newest heads and shafts and the most advanced fitting technology. If you are a committed golfer at any level, I highly recommend it.” Incidentally, Club Champion was able to add an average of 15 yards to Jay’s driving statistics.

Club Champion builds clubs to exacting, unrivaled tolerances. Variables such as swing weight, length, lie and flex definitely alter performance. A great analogy is a phenomenal, restaurant-bought chocolate cake. You get the recipe, make it, but it’s not the same. There are many things that can go wrong baking that cake. The same is true in building a golf club. The experience and know-how related to combining these intricate parts together is what separates Club Champion from its competition. Chuck Thiry, Vice President Strategic Partnerships – Cleveland Golf says, “In our experience, Club Champion represents the finest in the art of club fitting and building. We are confident that Club Champion will fit, service and support the most discerning golfers at the highest possible levels.”

Whether you are looking to buy new clubs or fix your currents ones, premium club fitting is the answer. Fitting prices range from $80 for wedges to $350 for an entire bag. The company has studios located in Chicago (3 stores), Boston, New Jersey/NYC, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and opening in March, St. Louis, Austin, and Seattle. For more information, call (888) 340-7820 or visit

TrueTemperLogo8300dpiPremium Golf Management Co. and True Temper Sports
Form New Partnership to Service Premium Aftermarket

Kingston ON (Feb. 4, 2016) – Premium Golf Management Corp. (PGMC) is excited to announce a new business partnership—True Temper Plus—with True Temper Sports, Inc. to enhance service and product distribution to the premium aftermarket in North America and Europe.

True Temper Plus will provide distributors and professional clubfitters with an unparalleled level of service to match the superior products manufactured by True Temper,” Gawain Robertson PGMC co-founder said. “In addition to exceptional service, True Temper Plus will grow this segment of the industry through strategic and exclusive marketing and performance product initiatives.”

True Temper Plus will focus on the company’s network of 300 plus Performance Fitting Centers (PFCs). PFCs have become an integral segment of the golf industry, offering discerning golfers state-of-the-art fitting techniques and technologies.

“We felt we were well aligned with PGMC when it came to delivering world-class service to this key customer base and meeting the market demands for our steel and composite golf shafts,” Chad Hall, vice president of global sales and marketing for True Temper said. “True Temper Plus will play a crucial role in ensuring the day-to-day needs as well as the long-term demands of our premium aftermarket customers are met.”

The partnership will officially be in effect starting March 1, 2016.

True Temper Plus is a perfect extension of our current business model that offers the component golf shaft industry with premium service and industry leading quality products,” Dave Makarucha PGMC Co-founder said. “Logistically, True Temper Plus, is set up to properly service our partners with sales and warehouse facilities in both North America and Europe.”

PGMC has a 13-year history of providing the component golf industry with premium service and products. PGMC markets specific high quality brands that compliment the ACCRA premium graphite shaft brand specifically through a number of aftermarket channels. True Temper Plus has been developed to service multiple levels of aftermarket distribution to make true Temper products available to all levels of golfers.

imagesPing Issues New TR 1966 Putters 50 Years After Founder’s Original Anser

PHOENIX  – PING [today] introduced two new Anser putters that advance the legendary Anser design handcrafted decades earlier by founder Karsten Solheim. The new TR 1966 Anser and Anser 2 arrive as PING is celebrating the iconic Anser model’s 50th birthday.

In developing the new putters, PING engineers relied on 3D scans of the original Anser and Anser 2 to analyze the subtle contours and radius details that Karsten personally shaped into the designs using his mill and hand files. Each of the new models is engineered with that same attention to detail and performance that has made the Anser the winningest model in golf history.

The putters will be available in golf shops in March.

PING Chairman & CEO John Solheim, who helped his father build the original Anser model in the family’s Scottsdale, Arizona garage as a teenager, said the goal was to strike a balance between advancing the game’s best putter technology and giving golfers a sense of the Anser’s history. “Karsten’s groundbreaking Anser design was genius because of how well it performed and how different it was. Golfers had never seen anything like it. He hand-shaped every detail of it until it was perfect in his mind. The Anser changed putter design forever, and it still influences putter manufacturers worldwide 50 years later because of its unparalleled success and popularity.”

The new putters get their name from PING’s True-Roll (TR) face technology. The precision-milled face design provides unmatched ball-speed consistency, the key to holing more putts and reducing 3-putts.

Like the original, the new Anser model includes a sound slot in the sole and appeals to golfers who prefer no alignment line, more rounded heel and toe contours, and a slightly thicker top line. It offers a manganese bronze PVD finish.

The Anser 2, distinguished by a stainless steel blast finish, has a single white alignment line on the flange that simplifies aiming. Its heel and toe contours are less rounded than those of the Anser and its top rail is narrower.

Technical specifications:

TR 1966 Anser
– 340g, 17-4 stainless steel
– 35″ std. length
– True-Roll face technology
– Fits slight arc stroke type
– Manganese bronze PVD finish
– Stepped shaft
– Lie angle adjustable +-4º
– PP58 midsize black grip
– U.S. MSRP: $162.50

TR 1966 Anser 2
– 340g, 17-4 stainless steel
– 35″ std. length
– True-Roll face technology
– Fits slight arc stroke type
– Blast finish
– Stepped shaft
– Lie angle adjustable +-4º
– PP58 midsize black grip
– U.S. MSRP: $162.50

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