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Wilson Fit AI™ Set to Change the Future of Golf Club Fitting

CHICAGO, IL – Wilson Sporting Goods Co. today introduced Wilson Fit AI, an innovative, first-of-its-kind technology that will benefit both golf club fitters and golfers looking for the most advanced custom fitting experience. Wilson Fit AI combines Wilson’s black box algorithm with Blast Motion’s industry-leading motion analysis technology to deliver a simplified, more efficient and engaging fitting process for all involved.

“The team at Wilson is thrilled to bring Wilson Fit AI to market and, simply put, this is the future of golf fitting,” said Bob Thurman, Global Vice President of Research & Development at Wilson and General Manager of Wilson Golf. “Club fitters using a Wilson iron with a Blast Motion sensor embedded into the grip will be able to provide real-time feedback for every aspect of the player’s swing including shaft loading, swing tempo, face closing rates, and more. It will only take a few swings to understand a golfer’s swing profile allowing us to recommend the perfect set of Wilson customized irons, along with the ideal head model, shaft type and grip for each golf club.”

Dating back to Gene Sarazen’s 1922 U.S. Open and PGA Championship victories using Wilson irons, the Chicago-based company has more major championships attributed to its irons than any other brand, winning at least one major championship in every decade since for a total of 62. An incredibly strong winning tradition combined with the desire to lead the industry in club innovation, Wilson is set to launch its most advanced Staff Model®  iron lineup in 2024 and by introducing Wilson Fit AI, will change the future of fitting.

Wilson Fit AI is an innovative mobile app-based fitting solution that integrates a powerful Bluetooth-enabled Blast Motion sensor into a standard grip using a combination of high-G and low-G accelerometers and gyro to capture approximately 12,000 data points per swing with a high degree of accuracy and consistency. Wilson’s black box algorithm then processes the information to generate a custom-fit iron recommendation in as few as five swings, based on swing plane, shaft load, wrist hinge, club face closure and swing tempo. Swing data from every single fitting across the globe will optimize the AI algorithm enhancing each fitting session and making the recommendations even more accurate.

Wilson Fit AI powered by Blast Motion will be available at club-fitting retailers across the United States beginning on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024.

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Bridgestone Staffer Jason Day Wins Grant Thornton With New 2024 Tour B X Prototype Golf Ball

COVINGTON, GA –  Bridgestone Golf staff player Jason Day teamed with Lydia Ko to win the Grant Thornton Invitational in Naples, Florida on Sunday. Day’s confidence in his brand new 2024 Bridgestone TOUR B X prototype golf ball yielded incredible scores including a 58 in the first round and a pair of 66s on the weekend for a 26-under-par finish. This is the first win for the new prototype golf ball.

“Jason has been playing at an extremely high level since he first joined Bridgestone Golf in 2022, with a win at the Byron Nelson this past Spring and now a second win at Grant Thornton with Lydia Ko, a great talent from the LPGA,” said Dan Murphy, Bridgestone Golf President and CEO. “He’s also been instrumental in the development of our 2024 TOUR B prototypes by providing invaluable insights and feedback, particularly regarding the TOUR B X, which he has been playing for most of his time with Bridgestone. Seeing this type of performance before the ball is officially introduced makes us even more excited to share it with the public next month, and we offer Jason our heartfelt congratulations on a well-earned victory.”

The Australian, who originally played Bridgestone’s TOUR B XS when he joined Bridgestone Golf in 2022, continued to work with Bridgestone Golf fitters and found, as Tiger Woods eventually did, that the TOUR B X yielded a bit more distance off the tee and more optimal all-around performance for his game. The new 2024 prototype model, which will be officially introduced in January, was developed with guidance from Tiger Woods and Day himself, and is the highest performing TOUR B X model to date.

“Tiger and I worked with the Bridgestone team on the design of the new ball over the last year and we got it dialed in perfectly. It’s still very long but provides a bit more spin around the greens, which I love. I’m excited to play the new TOUR B X moving forward and think a lot of players who get fitted for it will find it’s easily the best X-ball ever made.”

The new 2024 TOUR B X prototype golf ball used by Jason Day will be officially introduced in January 2024, and will be available for purchase in February, 2024.

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