Golf News – August 22, 2022

Takomo Golf Company Launches Two New Iron Sets for Advanced Golfers.

TURKU, FINLAND – Takomo is pleased to announce the launch of two new irons sets designed for low-handicap and scratch golfers. Today, the Takomo Iron 301 MB and Iron 301 CB became available for preorder. These are the fourth and fifth iron sets to be launched by Takomo Golf since 2021.

The 301 MB is a players muscleback, blade-style iron designed for advanced golfers who prioritize workability of the golf ball. This is the first blade-style iron to enter the Takomo lineup and furthers the company’s mission to create premium, scandinavian-design-inspired clubs for golfers of all skill levels.

The 301 CB is a players cavity back design. It features more perimeter weighting, a lower center of gravity and a thicker sole when compared to the 301 MB. This offers more forgiveness while still providing workability and smooth feel. Each Iron in both iron sets is forged from a single piece of S20C steel, promoting durability and soft feel.

The launch of these products marks Takomo Golf’s entry into the product category of golf irons designed more advanced and tour players.

The 301 MB set, 301 CB set and 301 Combo set are available for preorder as of today.

Based on customer feedback, Takomo is happy to announce that these irons sets can be purchased as a combo set. In this combo, the 301 CBs make up the longer end of the bag, 4 to 7 iron, and the 301 MBs are in the shorter range, 8 to pitching wedge.

This combo was designed for golfers who want pinpoint accuracy in their close approach game but would like more forgiveness from further distances.

Both iron sets feature the clean lines, minimalism and quality expected from Takomo Golf products. This manifests the Scandanivian design philosophy that the company employs in its product development.

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BIG MAX Launches Trees for Trolleys With Jane Goodall Institute

McARTHUR, CA – Europe’s #1 push trolley and golf bag brand BIG MAX has boosted its green credentials through the 2022 season with an ambitious environmental initiative called Trees for Trolleys. As part of the launch of its innovative 2022 line of electric trolleys, BIG MAX has partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute to plant a tree in tropical Ugandan forests for every electric trolley the brand produces, along with funding other environmental initiatives in the region.

“At BIG MAX we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously,” commented Thomas Reiter, owner of BIG MAX. “Through the past 3 years we have made significant reductions in the amount of single use plastic that we use in our products and packaging. Now, in conjunction with the Jane Goodall Institute, we are ensuring that we balance the use of resources in our new electric trolley range by helping to replenish some of the most important natural stores of CO2 in the world in the tropical forests of Uganda.”

In addition to planting a tree for every electric trolley produced, BIG MAX will contribute to the work of the Jane Goodall Institute by helping to fund projects that promote awareness in local Ugandan communities of the environmental importance of re-forested areas, train forest rangers to monitor and protect the forest, and promote ongoing research into the local eco-system.

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