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Introducing the TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 (MG4) Wedge with All-New Spin Tread Technology for Enhanced Spin in Wet Conditions

CARLSBAD, CA – TaylorMade Golf, an industry leader in golf equipment innovation, unveils its latest breakthrough in wedge design – the Milled Grind 4 (MG4) with the all-new Spin Tread technology. Built upon the success of its predecessors, MG4 represents a significant advancement in the Milled Grind family, offering golfers a combination of spin control, versatility and premium feel.

This innovation proves crucial, particularly in wet conditions, where players experience higher launches and reduced spin. By combining the laser treatment with strategically designed grooves and a raw face, TaylorMade has achieved notable improvements in wet spin rates compared to prior models while also increasing face durability.

The technology works in a similar fashion to the tread on a tire, which creates space for water to exit so the tire can have direct contact with the pavement and better grip the road. In the case of MG4, the treads channel away moisture and allow the golf ball to stay on the face longer while imparting more spin.

With MG4, TaylorMade has not only focused on performance and technology, but also prioritized aesthetics and player feedback. MG4 features a refined finish with a slightly darker tint, minimizing glare and providing a more unified appearance that blends seamlessly with the raw face as it oxidizes over time. Furthermore, the redesigned back geometry enhances the wedge with a more solid and softer feel – all complimenting its refined Tour-inspired shaping and address versatility.

TaylorMade has introduced a comprehensive range of sole grinds in the MG4 lineup, offering golfers more versatility while also simplifying the selection process. The grinds are categorized into three main options: low bounce (LB), standard bounce (SB) and high bounce (HB). However, to cater to different swing dynamics, the company added alternative options in each category, providing a total of six bounces to meet the player’s unique requirements.

The new MG4 wedge range features the following sole grinds:

  • Low Bounce (LB): Low leading edge for added versatility and shot making in firm conditions.
  • Low Bounce V (LBV): Designed for skilled players with a shallow attack angle, offering exceptional spin and the ability to manipulate face angles effectively.
  • Standard Bounce (SB): All-around performance that prevents excessive digging and allows the clubhead to glide through the turf smoothly.
  • Standard Bounce C (SBC): Provides increased versatility for players who prefer to manipulate face angles, without compromising bounce performance.
  • High Bounce (HB): TaylorMade’s standard high bounce design is playable for  and defies the convention that high bounce wedges are only for high handicappers. In fact, Rory McIlroy uses a HB 60° Milled Grind 4 depending on course conditions.
  • High Bounce Wide (HBW): With an increased sole width, this high bounce option offers improved playability and excels in sand play.]
  • Tiger Woods Grind (TW): Offered in 56° and 60° lofts, each sole on the MG4 TW was inspired by Tiger’s grind. The 56° wedge is a dual sole with heavy heel relief, while the 60° has an extremely high bounce on the leading edge with a shaved heel. Designed to be supremely versatile, these unique grinds allow Tiger to take on any shot, on any course, anywhere in the world.

Pricing, Specifications & Availability
Milled Grind 4 will be available at and at retail on September 8 with an MSRP of $179.99 USD. Standard available lofts include 46°, 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°. 56°, 58° and 60°. The 46° and 48° lofts are only available in Standard Bounce options. The wedges come equipped with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 115g Wedge shaft and Lamkin Crossline 360 Black/Silver/Green Round grip.

Enhanced Personalization with MyMG4
MyMG4 allows golfers to personalize their wedge with a variety of finishes, paint fills and engraved text or logo options. The four finishes include: black, chrome, aged copper and raw, in which the entire clubhead will rust over time. MyMG4 also offers further personalization by selecting from more than 50 logos and a variety of placement options, as well as utilizing dancing text to spell out a seven-character phrase with an adjoining logo. Golfers may also choose to position repeating initials diagonally along the toe.

There are 15 different paint fill options (White, Black, Tour Red, Silver, Gold, Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Lime Green, Blue, Light Blue, Midnight Blue, and Golf Ball Yellow).

MyMG4 is available only on at a price of $229.99 USD.

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Motocaddy Boosts Powered Caddy Options for U.S. Golfers

VISTA, CA – Motocaddy, the world’s biggest-selling electric caddy brand, has boosted its powered range available to U.S. golfers to five models with the launch of the easy-to-use, entry-level M1 DHC and the feature-packed M3 GPS DHC – both offering traditional handle control.

These advanced electric caddies complement the award-winning M7 GPS REMOTE and M7 REMOTE, along with the technologically advanced M5 GPS DHC that have proven so successful for the brand in recent times.

Growing the Motocaddy GPS caddy range, the M3 GPS DHC features a dynamic green view which updates to display the shape of the green being played, with the ability to move the flag position on its high resolution 2.8″ LCD touchscreen display for accurate shot planning. It can also connect to the Motocaddy GPS app via Bluetooth for optional smartphone alerts, plus course and software updates.

An impressive list of features includes yardages for more than 40,000 preloaded courses around the world with front, middle and back distances, plus hazards; a super-lightweight, waterproof (IP66 rated) Lithium battery with on-board charging; shot distance measurement; clock and round timer; plus Adjustable Distance Control which allows the user to send the trolley ahead of them unassisted up to 60 yards in 5-yard increments.

The Downhill Control (DHC) ensures the caddy maintains a constant speed while moving down a gradient, helping golfers stay in complete control around even the most undulating golf courses. The award-winning feature is enhanced by all-terrain wheels and an electronic parking brake, perfect for positioning the electric caddy on an uphill or downhill slope.

The M3 GPS DHC electric caddy is available now with a high-powered 28.8V ULTRA Lithium battery at an MSRP of $1,199.

Quick and easy to setup, the award-winning M1 DHC is the simplest-to-use compact caddy in the world and boasts a great list of features to make walking the golf course a breeze.

A speed indicator offering nine speed settings to find the perfect walking pace, colour-coded battery meter and Adjustable Distance Control (ADC) up to 45 yards allows a golfer to set the caddy to travel a specific distance, ideal for sending it to arrive at the next tee box while you walk across the golf course hands-free and in style.

All of these features are found on an impressive anti-glare LCD widescreen display, which is optimised for use in all weather conditions. The M1 DHC also boasts five-spoke ambidextrous sporty wheels which can be inverted for optimized storage, in addition to a USB port – ideal for charging any USB powered device while out on the course.

The next generation 28.8V High Power system combines with a whisper-quiet 230w motor to deliver more power, efficiency and reliability than ever before, while Motocaddy’s proprietary Downhill Control technology provides the ultimate stability on any terrain.

The M1 DHC electric caddy is available now with a high-powered ULTRA Lithium battery at an MSRP of $899.

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The Most Comprehensive Lineup in Performance Golf Rainwear

FAIRHAVEN, MA – FootJoy, the #1 Outerwear brand in Golf, continues its commitment to Make Every Day Playable by offering the most complete rainwear lineup in golf, proven in the harshest conditions so you can perform your best.

The HydroSeries line of rain jackets are designed to protect players in everything from light mists to heavy downpours. Featuring DryJoys Waterproof Technology, HydroSeries provides the ultimate protection for every player no matter the condition or where you tee it up.

The newest introduction to HydroSeries is the all-new DryJoys Select, FJ’s lightest, most waterproof and breathable rain jacket.  This Tour-proven rain jacket sets a new standard in golf outerwear, using a specially engineered 2.5-layer fabric that reduces weight while providing full mobility and maximum waterproof protection.

“The new DryJoys Select is for the player who requires elite, all-weather protection,” said PJ Skurla, Director of Design, FJ Apparel.  “This premium jacket offers thin, lightweight stretch that doesn’t impede your golf swing, with a soft, quiet and flexible feel.”

Also new to HydroSeries is HydroLite X, outerwear protection that is incredibly comfortable, lightweight and designed for warmer playing conditions.  HydroLite X protects from summer rain, with specifically placed knit panels in the arms and back for increased movement and flexibility in the golf swing.

Rounding out HydroSeries are the popular HydroTour and HydroKnit rain jackets, both constructed from materials that deliver 100% waterproof, breathable protection.  HydroTour protects from the most extreme cool, wet weather conditions, while HydroKnit protects like a high-performance rain jacket with the wear and feel of a mid-layer.

“Every golfer deserves a rain jacket that will perform at its best in the elements, and we obsess over every detail to make every day playable,” said Chad Crocker, Director of Product Management, FJ Apparel.  “HydroSeries will allow you play more golf, and better golf, in any rain condition.”

Not sure which rain jacket is right for you?  FJ’s Outerwear Selector allows you to find the right rain protection to keep you dry and playing through any weather.

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