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TaylorMade’s Unveils Season Opener Staff Bag, Headcovers and TP5/x Pix Golf Balls for Play at Augusta

CARLSBAD, CA – For the 88th time, this installment of the Season Opener will bring all golf fans together to bask in these traditions and witness greatness in Augusta. A shout out to the famous three-hole stretch of 11, 12, and 13 is sure to catch your attention on the handle as well as the Azaleas that have become synonymous with the course design that are featured on the bag. 

While the outside of the bag is steeped in traditions of the Season Opener, the inside offers a sweeter detail for golf fans. The inner linings of the bag, as well as the headcovers, feature countless peaches as a nod to Georgia, which plays host to the tournament every year. 

Ripe for the picking, these all-new TP5 and TP5x pix Season Opener golf balls are here just in time for Spring. Each 5-layer Tour ball features unique placements of Peaches to deliver juicy visual feedback and alignment. Each fresh batch comes in a fuzzy, textured box, signifying that you’ve picked ’em at just the right time of the golfing season. 

Tommy Fleetwood will play the TP5x Season Opener golf ball during competition in Augusta.

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Sacks Parente Golf Expands its Newton Golf Shaft Division with the Addition of Newton Motion Fairway Woods Shafts

CAMARILLO, CA – Sacks Parente Golf, Inc., a technology-forward golf company with a growing portfolio of golf products, including putters, golf shafts, golf grips, and other golf-related accessories, expands its product offerings with the newest addition to its Newton Golf Shaft division.

Building on the early success of its debut product, the Newton Motion Driver shaft, the Company is proud to unveil the Newton Motion Fairway Woods shaft, designed to meet the demands of golfers of all skill levels and help them hit their fairway shots longer and straighter.

Hand-crafted one-by-one in SPG’s factory in St. Joseph, Missouri, the Newton Motion Fairway Woods shaft is engineered with the same premium materials and advanced technologies that have helped the Newton Motion Driver become a favorite of its early adopters.

Designed to deliver longer, straighter shots with less effort, the new fairway woods shaft incorporates Newton Golf’s key technologies:

  • Elongated Bend Profile – Optimized for fairway wood shaft lengths, Newton Motion shafts flex over the entire length of the shaft – from grip-to-tip. This results in improved club head speed.
  • Kinetic Energy Storage Optimization – Newton’s proprietary construction empowers the fibers to store more energy that is harnessed through elongated bend, resulting in a significant boost in exit velocity. It allows energy created during the golf swing to be stored more efficiently and then released in a controlled, stable manner through impact.
  • Symmetry 360 Construction – Newton’s proprietary Symmetry 360 design eliminates any spine and ensures consistency from shot to shot. This is especially important with drivers and fairway woods that provide loft and lie adjustability. Newton shafts flex identically no matter the clocking position the club is set.
  • Variable Bend Profile – The bend and torque profile of every flex is designed to optimize performance based on swing speed, not the age or gender of the players. Golfers with slower swing speeds need more flex and torque, while golfers with higher club head speeds require the opposite.

In addition to the four aforementioned technologies, instead of using the traditional categorization of shaft flexes of ladies, senior, regular, stiff, extra-shift, etc., the Newton Motion shaft uses a DOT system. Ranging from one to six dots, the system allows for a seamless transition from the most flexible shaft at one dot to the stiffest at six dots. Newton Golf Shaft’s innovative DOT system, employed by Newton Golf’s expert shaft engineers, optimizes golf shaft performance by fine-tuning it to golfer’s unique abilities, leaving traditional flex systems in the past.

Newton Motion Driver and Fairway Wood Shaft Flex Guide

  • One Dot: Driver Swing speeds less than 75 mph/or driving distance less than 180 yards
  • Two Dots: Driver Swing speeds 75-85 mph/or driving distance from 180 – 220 yards
  • Three Dots: Driver Swing speeds 85-95 mph/or driving distance from 210 – 240 yards
  • Four Dots: Driver Swing speeds 95-105 mph/or driving distance from 230 – 260 yards
  • Five Dots: Driver Swing speeds 105-115 mph/or driving distance from 250 – 285 yards
  • Six Dots: Driver Swing speeds 115-plus mph/or driving distance of 275+ yards

All Newton Golf shafts are available with adjustable driver and fairway wood adaptors to fit heads offered by most major golf equipment companies. The tip area of Newton Motion Fairway Wood shaft has been reinforced to withstand turf interaction associated with shots from hard-packed fairways.
The ready-to-play Newton Golf Shafts come with a premium grip pre-installed and are cut to modern industry-standard playing lengths, providing golfers with a seamless transition to enhanced performance. The Newton Motion Fairway Woods can be ordered in modern standard #3, #5, or #7 fairway woods lengths.

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