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Shot Scope Introduces the V5 Golf Watch … Most Advanced GPS and Automatic Performance Tracking Watch Under $250 … And No Subscription Fees

Edinburgh, Scotland – Shot Scope, the golf industry-leader in GPS, rangefinder and shot tracking technology, today introduced the multi-function V5 Golf Watch, the most advanced GPS and automatic performance tracking smart watch under $250, and with NO subscription fees.

The V5 debuts for players of all levels offering unprecedented distance measuring with pinpoint accuracy from anywhere on the golf course, while capturing data on every shot and delivering golfers instant feedback to better understand their game for optimal performance. In fact, with V5, golfers have access to over 100 game improving statistics, including Strokes Gained and Handicap Benchmarking, for use on over 36,000 preloaded golf courses worldwide. The newest addition to Shot Scope’s award-winning V Series, the V5 joins the popular and customizable G5 GPS watch and the premium touchscreen X5 performance tracking watch, providing an extensive range and choice of products for golfers.

“There is simply no multi-function GPS and shot tracking watch under $250, and with no subscription fees, that can offer the automated performance capabilities of the V5,” said David Hunter, CEO, Shot Scope. “Backed by partnerships with the National Golf Foundation, PGA Golf Retirement+, and TROON, millions of golfers will quickly learn about this watch and its endless features that give any type of golfer the most accurate on-course information needed to perform at the highest level, as well as expert shot tracking technology to drive measurable game improvement.”

Boasting a stylish look with a vivid full-color daylight readable screen, the V5 design allows golfers to customize the color and display, along with a choice of clock faces to wear in everyday life. Backed by four easy-to-use push buttons that allow simple navigation through the watch’s multiple screen features, the V5 provides golfers with pinpoint front, middle, and back distances to every green as well as measurements to hazards, layups, and doglegs on all 36,000 preloaded courses worldwide. Proprietary hole maps give golfers an overview of the hole they are about to play allowing them to plan their way around the course and save strokes. Additionally, the Green view and pin placement features allow golfers to interact with their V5 and get exact yardages to their desired location on the green. Once holed out, players can record their score quickly and easily with the built-in digital scorecard.

Complementing the GPS capabilities of V5 is unmatched automatic performance tracking, featuring Shot Scope’s “Power-Sense” technology, which allows golfers to seamlessly record every shot hit on the golf course to provide valuable game insights after the round. In fact, V5 does not require a phone or tagging, so golfers can play and capture shot data without interruptions.

Powered by 16 x 2nd generation lightweight plug-n-play club RFID tags that are embedded with smart GPS chips and easily screw into the butt-end of every club, data from all shots hit is captured and stored on Shot Scope’s interactive dashboard, which can easily be accessed through a free mobile app for use on iOS and Android.

Following a round, golfers can access over 100 performance statistics including Strokes Gained and Handicap Benchmarking to pinpoint areas to improve. Features such as MyStrategy, Shots Plotted, and Course Analysis allow a golfer to dive into detail about specific rounds and courses. Shot Scope Academy lets a golfer connect with their coach at any time to hone their game.

Priced at $249.99, the V5 Golf Watch, and all Shot Scope products are available for purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, PGA TOUR Superstores, golf specialty stores.

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PUMA Golf X Quiet Golf Introduce a New Contemporary Golf Collection

CARLSBAD, CA – In celebration of spring and the beginning of the golf season, PUMA GOLF and QUIET GOLF launched a new contemporary apparel collection for men and women. Inspired by the flow of the game, the collection highlights the peace and tranquility of golf by featuring a color palette that takes cues from bunkers, fairways and greens. From fresh air to the perfectly carved divot, this line brings stylish golfers an antidote for quieting the noise in the form of fashion.

The new PUMA GOLF x QGC collection offers a variety of contemporary styles. Consisting of items ranging from premium cable knit sweaters and half zips to crewneck sweatshirts and graphic tees, the new PUMA GOLF x QGC apparel collection offers something for all types of players, including women, looking for an elevated look that captures the essence of spring and summer golf.

“The culture of golf is evolving and along with this evolution, styles are changing for the better.” said Mike Diaz, Marketing Director, PUMA Golf. “Inspiration from different industries like fashion, street and skate are becoming more accepted on the course and we found the ethos of Quiet Golf to be on the forefront of that change. Partnering with a brand like QG allows us to offer a unique style that we see as a trend in golf that is going to be around for a while.”

The PUMA GOLF x QGC Collection offers the gamut of items that includes pants, shorts, skorts, sweaters and polos, headwear and a pair of limited-edition Avant saddle shoes. Colors include earthy tones – warm white, paisley, navy, chocolate, gray, and forest green, making the PUMA GOLF x QGC Collection an ideal fit for spring golf. For women the collection offers the same warm color palette in pleated skirts and elevated tops, providing the perfect option for players that value both style and substance. All of the items in the collection feature a unique PUMA GOLF x Quiet Golf logo.

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Golfers Switching to an Electric Caddy Feel Fitter & Play More

VISTA, CA – As many as three out of four golfers in North America who switched in recent times to walking the golf course using an electric caddy (78%) say they now feel fitter for having done so and more than a quarter (27%) claim to be ‘a lot fitter’.

The majority of American golfers (74%) also attribute ‘improving health’ to being the biggest benefit when using an electric golf caddy, while those in Canada – where the mode of transporting golf clubs is more established – rate ‘not having to push a caddy’ slightly higher (78%) along with playing ‘without the strain of carrying clubs’ (83%).

Three out of five golfers claim to have ‘more energy at the end of the round’, with 59% of Americans endorsing the point and 73% of Canadians following suit.

More than a third of these active golfers (35%) claim to be playing more than before they took ownership of the electric caddy and as many as 63% are finding the game more enjoyable. Regular playing partners are also using an electric caddy in almost a third of cases (29%), with it being a more frequent occurrence in Canada (40%).

The findings come from an independent survey among more than 2,700 golfers in the United States and Canada conducted recently on behalf of Motocaddy, the global leader in electric caddys, whose product range includes the award-winning M7 REMOTE and M7 GPS REMOTE models. A significant proportion of golfers surveyed originate from the States of California, North Carolina and Florida or the Provinces of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

In terms of playing better with the help of an electric caddy, as many as 81% of Canadian golfers say they have more energy to strike the ball, against 64% of American counterparts, while over half of all respondents (56%) say they have a better mentality on the course thanks to the caddy taking the strain.

And compared to a couple of years ago, one in four golfers (25%) say they’ve noticed ‘a lot more’ players using electric caddys on the golf course where they play most often and more than half (52%) have noticed more players walking the course in general.

Almost half of those with an electric caddy (46%) wish they had started using one at an earlier stage in their golfing life, with 48% of American owners admitting that’s the case.  A similar number (43%) say they would welcome the opportunity to try out new models, perhaps part of a rental fleet, before buying another one in the future.

According to the new breed of electric caddy users in North America, more golf clubs are supporting the healthier trend by making it easier to walk rather than ride, with 60% saying they’re making it ‘very easy’ and 22% a ‘little easier’. However, of those who said no, over half (55%) say they’d like the course they play most often to make it easier for golfers to walk if they choose to.

Online product reviews published on golf sites are the place to seek advice for nearly a third (31%) of those interested in purchasing another electric caddy, with personal recommendations and word of mouth accounting for another 30%.

With a male/female split of nine to one, the demographic of those taking part in the survey covered the age ranges of 31-50 (12%), 51-60 (18%), 61-70 (41%) and 71-80 (26%). The majority have been playing golf for over 40 years and on average they play at least once a week or more (53%). Almost half (49%) are members of a golf club, although the percentage in Canada is higher (61%).

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