Golf Iconic Putter Cover Review

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Golf Iconic gives you a blank canvas to create your custom putter cover.  Solid quality and fair pricing.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: stock covers are boring.  If the big OEMs are paying your bills, then by all means advertise them on your clubs.  If not, your head covers should be an expression of who you are.  Whether you want to show support for your favorite sports team, rep your home town, or just rock your favorite colors, Golf Iconic can create covers that will stand out in the crowd.

Custom Order Process

Ordering a custom headcover might seem like an intimidating process, but Golf Iconic makes it easy.  First choose from three sizes: blade, mid-mallet, or large mallet.  Then choose from fourteen different exterior colors and seven “fur” colors.  Finally, upload your design.

For this cover, I simply uploaded the PluggedInGolf logo and the John Deere-inspired PIG and typed a note explaining the layout I wanted.  Within a day or so, you’ll receive a proof from Golf Iconic which you can accept or tweak until it’s perfect.  After you’ve accepted the proof, simply click through a special link and order your cover.

Final Product

After waiting 3-4 weeks (a little longer during peak season), your custom designed covers will show up at your door.  I couldn’t wait to tear the box open and see my design in real life.  The final product was every bit as good as I’d hoped.  The colors are vibrant, the stitching is tight and detailed, and the velcro closure is well-secured.  The quality of my Golf Iconic covers are as good as any I’ve come across, and they executed my design perfectly.


Golf Iconic’s custom putter covers average about $50 each, and there’s no minimum order.  Given the limitless customization possibilities and the high quality, I think that’s a solid value.


Putting together a golf trip or outing is tough, but a great tee gift is staring you right in the face.  Is it more expensive than a sleeve of balls?  Sure, but it’s also going to be remembered a whole lot longer.  I can tell you that the reactions I saw when I presented these to my friends was worth every penny.

Whether you’re designing covers for yourself or others, Golf Iconic is a company that is worth your consideration.

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