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Golf with a Game Plan is a short book of drills and games designed to improve your golf skills.


Golfers don’t lack for drills to do – you can find dozens of books on the topic and every month you find drills in golf magazines.  Yet for all the information out there, golfers on the practice ground are still just beating balls.  Is a pocket-sized book the solution to bad practice habits?

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Golf with a Game Plan has 30 drills for “efficient golf training.”  The drills are divided up based on where you’ll use them – the course, driving range, pitching green, bunker, chipping green, and putting green.  The distribution of drills isn’t even – putting has the most (10) and the other areas have between 2 and 5.

All of the drills in this book are solid, but there isn’t any new ground being broken here.  That’s not a complaint – Tour pros are doing these drills every day – but if you’re looking for novelty, this isn’t the place.

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Each page breaks down the drill into “Construction” (set up), “Goal,” “Process,” and how to evaluate yourself, while also including ways to increase the difficulty and how to perform the drill with a partner or group.  Additionally, there’s a place to record your scores and progress.  The explanations are clear and the diagrams are great for those in too big a hurry to read 20 words.

For me, the format and presentation of this book mesh perfectly with its purpose.  This is meant to live in your golf bag as a quick way to add some purpose to your practice.

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Golf with a Game Plan retails on Amazon for $20.  Can you find ample drills on the internet or in golf magazines for free?  Yes.  And if you’re already using them in practice, then you don’t need this book.  But if your current practice routine is smashing balls into a field, this is $20 well spent if it will change your practice habits.

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Overall, I think Golf with a Game Plan is a solid practice booster.  The drills are all high quality and the presentation is straightforward and easy to digest.  Even as someone who knows a lot of drills, I’ve enjoyed having it in my bag as a way to change up my practice routine and keep things fresh.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Stefano Gherardi

    I’d like to buy the book : “Golf with a Game Plan Book Review”. How can I buy that?
    Stefano Gherardi

    • Matt Saternus


      Click any of the links in the review or the link in the word “HERE” at the bottom of the review.



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