Get to Know: True Spec Golf

Get to Know: True Spec Golf

As more golfers realize the advantages of custom fit clubs, more club fitters are popping up across the country.  But which ones really stand out?  Which ones are worth trusting with your game and your money?

Today, we’re introducing you to one such fitter, True Spec Golf.  In the following Q&A, they explain how they stand out in the increasingly crowded world of club fitters.  If you’d prefer to hear it direct from the True Spec guys themselves, check out the video.

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Q & A with Rick Silva and Michael Glauberman

PluggedInGolf: What’s the history of True Spec Golf?

Michael Glauberman: [True Spec Golf] is a brand agnostic club fitting company.  What that means is that we carry every manufacturer’s equipment, from all the club heads to a bunch of different speciality shafts, allowing us to give our consumers the best possible fit that they can get.  We’re looking at the end consumer, what they can do from a standpoint of performance, how can we move the needle for them.  We fit anyone from a 30 handicapper to Tour players so we can fit anyone within our matrix.  Our matrix is set up with 30,000 different combinations based on the club heads and the shafts that we have.

PIG: How do you look at club fitting?  What’s your role as a fitter?

MG: My #1 goal is to educate the consumer.  When they come in, I want to understand how they’re playing the game, what their agenda is, but then from there take the information that they’re providing me and go into a fitting experience where we can get them into a set of golf clubs that’s going to want to enjoy the game more, play better golf, and overall just have an awesome experience.  [I hope they’re] coming out of our session feeling not only that they got a great set of golf clubs, but that they learned something.

PIG: What’s your goal?

Rick Silva: Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations, every single day.  Whether that’s on the instructional side of things or the fitting side, our goal is to hit it out of the ballpark by exceeding their expectations.

PIG: What makes Chicago’s True Spec Golf unique?

MG: The really cool thing about our set up here is the relationship we have between True Spec Golf and Movement 3 Golf.  The thing I love about our location is that I have a Top 15 Teacher in the state of Illinois to work side by side with.  To have his knowledge during our fittings is unparalleled.  For us to work in tandem, while I’m providing my knowledge that I’ve gained from True Spec and my understanding of the matrix allows us to provide a really good club fitting experience but then also understand how we can move the needle from a teaching perspective if someone wants to also work on their game mechanically, we can provide them with a club that’s not only good for them now, but grows with them as they work on those changes.

PIG: What can people expect from True Spec Golf in terms of service?

RS: We stop at nothing here at the Studio, we go behind the scenes to find out everything from what kind of ball our client plays to what kind of drinks, what kind of snacks they like to partake in while they’re in a fitting or a lesson or just hanging out.  We literally stop at nothing to make sure their enjoyment is at the highest level.  What kind of grips do they like on their golf clubs?  What kind of colors do they like, how can we match that up for them?  If it’s out there, we’re going to find it, we’re going to stop at nothing to make sure they’ve experienced the greatest thing they’ve ever thought of.

MG: Service extends far beyond what people see in the fitting here.  Not only are they going to get that great service during the fitting, but then it’s what happens behind the scenes.  We have one person building the clubs, then a separate person checking the quality of that build.  During that entire process you have your fitter here in Chicago making sure you know what’s going on every step of the way, from when they’re being built, to when they’ll arrive, and rechecking them when they come in.

RS: I think one of the really compelling things about True Spec Golf is that a lot of companies like to talk about service, but this is one of the few companies that actually delivers it.  From how those clubs are built, to how they’re boxed up, how they’re delivered, the quality control, the tolerances.  This is one of the truly great companies in golf, if not in all of service today.

PIG: What’s the most important thing in a club fitting?

MG: The most important thing about any club fitting experience is the end client, making sure that they understand that it’s all about them.  We want to provide the best service and experience for them.  Whatever we can do to help them enjoy the game of golf and play better.

People are going to feel that they not only get the attention here that they deserve when getting new sets of clubs, and not only are they going to perform, but if they come in and their clubs are right, we’re going to let them know.  Our intention isn’t to just sell them a set of clubs, our intetion is for them to have a great experience in our studio and play better golf, enjoy the game.  Our goal overall is to grow the game of golf and how can we do that by just selling sets of clubs?


To learn more, or to book a fitting, click HERE.

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