GEOM Golf Tom Wedge Review

geom golf tom wedge

50 Words or Less

The GEOM Golf Tom wedge has a versatile sole and very consistent spin.  Available through Twirled Clubs for nearly unlimited customization of looks, shaft, and grip.  Limited loft availability – for now.


The Tom wedge is the third club offering from GEOM Golf.  Their first, the cavity back Moe iron [full review HERE], has been in my bag on and off since they arrived, so my expectations for Tom were high [full WITB HERE].  But without any obvious technology and very limited loft offerings, I was curious to see how Tom would fit into the modern wedge marketplace.

geom golf tom wedge address


In the bag, the GEOM Golf Tom wedge is a lot like its brothers, Moe and Lee [full review of Lee HERE].  They’re clean designs without much branding.  GEOM’s angular aesthetic is present on the club back, but this is primarily a blank page on which you can color.  GEOM distributes their clubs through Twirled Club, a company that specializes in making every club a unique work of art.  From the finish to stamping to paint fill to ferrule, you can make your wedges as bold or understated as you desire.

geom golf tom wedge ferrule

For my Tom wedges, Twirled Clubs kept it classy.  The only additional stamping was the Twirled Clubs logo.  They matched the black and white paint fill to a sophisticated black/white/grey ferrule.  To see some of the customization possibilities or order your clubs, visit Twirled Clubs HERE.

At address, the GEOM Tom wedge has a larger, round face with a fairly tall heel.  GEOM did a good job balancing the roundness of the head and toe with a straighter leading edge.  The top line is slim, the grooves are conventional, stopping well short of the toe.  To my eye, the Tom wedge sits very comfortably behind the ball.

geom golf tom wedge face

Sound & Feel

The GEOM Golf Tom wedges are forged from 1020 carbon steel and CNC milled to their final shape.  This combination of material and manufacturing techniques led me to high expectations for how it would feel at impact, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Hitting a premium ball, the Tom wedge has an extremely light impact feel.  It is soft, but it’s more a sensation of the ball tapping the face before jumping away, like a water strider skimming across a pond.  This pairs with a medium-quiet sound, a soft “tock.”

This discreet impact sensation on center sets up wonderful contrast on mishits.  Shots off the heel or toe are louder, a “clack.”  They also feel firmer though they don’t sting the hands.  Overall, the Tom wedge provides excellent feedback to the golfer.


As I piled up shots with the Tom wedge, the first thing that stood out to me was the spin consistency.  To me, consistent spin is even more important than high spin.  Being able to hit a shot that rips back three yards is cool, but it’s not very valuable to your scoring if you don’t know when that shot will appear.  I hit all kinds of shots with Tom – from pure to absolute dreck – and I kept seeing the same spin numbers.

Lest you get the wrong idea, the Tom wedge does produce plenty of spin.  From pitches to full swings, Tom is within shouting distance of the highest-spinning wedges I’ve tested.  To be specific, I’m talking about a few hundred RPM on shots that have 8,000 to 10,000 RPM.  The difference is not one you’re going to be able to see on the course, even if you’re a plus handicap.

The GEOM Tom wedge also encourages creativity with its sole.  There’s a good deal of heel relief which allows the leading edge to stay low when the face is open.  The sole is fairly wide, but the leading edge is cambered to keep it close to the turf for tight lies.

geom golf tom wedge


The GEOM Golf Tom wedge is another very strong offering for those that want to stand out from the crowd.  My only complaint is the lack of lofts available, but, if past practice continues, that won’t be a problem for long.  GEOM initially offered the Moe and Lee irons [review HERE] only in half sets, but now offers full sets, too.  If 49, 53, and 57 degrees don’t fit your current set, keep your eye on GEOM and Twirled Clubs to see if they expand Tom’s range in the future.

Visit GEOM Golf HERE

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  1. Gaming these custom built by Twirled Clubs for a couple of months now. Agree with everything you said in your review. Twirled Clubs is outstanding and goes out of their way to communicate, make suggestions and build some really unique clubs. My GEOM MOE irons built over a year ago are one of a kind and the best feeling irons I have ever owned.

  2. Gil Bloomer


  3. Gil Bloomer

    I’d love to be entered into the contest but like millions of golfers out there I’m not on Twitter or Instagram. I’d still like to be considered an entrant into the giveaway as I usually play twice a week and would give a lot of exposure to the clubs.

  4. Interesting and gorgeous (including wedges) reviewed here – thanks as always, Matt. For a company that markets exclusively online and by word-of-mouth, you would think their website would be better. The graphics are terrible and it is hard, despite “Twirled Clubs” best efforts, to really understand what you are buying from these people; maybe it is just me, but I don’t think so. Regardless, their wedges and irons are beautiful enough to create some “pause for thought” and consideration at the very least since the reviews seem to put GEOMs clubs practically in the Miura type of category without the Miura extreme $$ premiums.

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