Galvin Green Ventil8 Golf Apparel Review

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The Galvin Green Ventil8 line of golf apparel keeps you cool and dry no matter how high the temperature rises.


Here in Chicago, our golf season isn’t the longest, and much of it is sweltering.  As someone who doesn’t like the heat, this leaves me in quite a bind.  Galvin Green’s new Ventil8 golf apparel offers a way to improve, if not solve, the problem by focusing on breathability and moisture wicking.

Check out Galvin Green’s 2022 collection HERE

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The reason that the Ventil8 line exists is to keep golfers cool and dry.  It’s designed to be the base layer that you can comfortably wear under other pieces or function as your only layer when it’s hot.  I’ve had a chance to test it in both situations, and both pieces performed very well.  I would never have considered pants an option when it’s sunny and 80+, but now I do.

In addition to keeping me cool, the Ventil8 pieces both moved well, and provided no resistance to my swing.  It’s also worth noting that these pieces are UPF 20+, so they’ll protect you from the sun.

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Style & Fit

As much as Galvin Green is a performance-first apparel maker, I find myself even more impressed with the style and fit of their Ventil8 line.  For me, the cut of the polo is just about perfect: the sleeves hit mid-bicep and there’s a very slight taper to the body which eliminates excess fabric around your waist.  In the pants, Galvin Green has given golfers the option of the Noel (slim cut) or Nash (regular).  I found the Nash to have a tailored look without being too tight.

The Ventil8 line also covers a nice range of styles.  The pants are offered in six colors ranging from your basic black to the eye-catching blue seen here.  These pants, and the amount of compliments they’ve generated, have made me a convert to bold colored pants, by the way.  The shirts offer an even wider range of styles from solid colors to modern-but-not-trendy designs.  Virtually everything in the line works with everything else, and the branding is really understated.

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Like the very best clothing companies, Galvin Green doesn’t force you to choose between form and function.  Their new Ventil8 line looks sharp and fits wonderfully while providing fantastic performance in the heat.

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