Forte Golf Apex 6 Ball Review


50 Words or Less

The Forte Apex golf ball is high spinning around the green and solid in the long game.  A very good tour-caliber golf ball.


Layers on a golf ball are like blades on a razor – more is always assumed to be better.  The Forte Apex pushes the current maximum from 5 to 6.  We put it to the test against some of the current industry leaders to see if another layer yields measurable performance gains.



One surprising thing about the Apex is that it’s noticeably firmer than the Forte Tour Performance S.  In fact, it’s one of the firmer tour-caliber balls that I’ve played.  From the putter to the wedge to the driver, there’s a “click” that I usually associate with less expensive golf balls.

Short Game

Much like the Tour Performance S, I found that the Apex does provide a little more short game spin than most other tour balls.  This is not a night-and-day difference, but launch monitor testing did show that the Apex produced my very highest spinning wedge shots.


Long Game

I’d like to tell you that the extra layer of the Apex helped me to launch longer, straighter drives.  Unfortunately, I can’t.  The Forte Apex is a quality tour ball in the long game, but it doesn’t stand out in any way from other first-tier balls from Bridgestone, Callaway, or Srixon.



Much like the Tour Performance S, the Forte Apex is a very solid tour ball with above average spin in the short game.  Also like it’s brother, the Apex is sold at varying prices depending on how many golf balls you’re buying.  Prices for the Apex range from approximately $57 US to as low as $50 US per dozen.  If you prefer a firmer-feeling tour ball and like a lot of wedge spin, it’s worth checking out.

Matt Saternus

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