FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoe Review

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The FootJoy Fuel golf shoe is a go-anywhere shoe with solid traction.  Strong comfort out of the box.  One of FootJoy’s lighter offerings.


Last year, FootJoy highlighted their very traditional Premiere Series shoes [review HERE].  While those were easily some of the best looking shoes of the year, a look around your local course will tell you that most players favor something more modern.  With sneaker inspired looks and feel, the FootJoy Fuel is just that shoe.


FootJoy’s Fuel has a clean look that uses texture more than graphics or color to create visual interest.  The version that we tested is almost entirely white save a small slash of grey at the midfoot and a large grey “FJ” logo near the heel.  Beneath that logo is an embossed diamond pattern that both looks and feels unique.  An arc of perforations dances from the midfoot under the laces toward the toe.

The FootJoy Fuel comes in six colorways.  The Fuel BOA version has two: white and black.  A laced version of the Fuel comes in white/black, white (seen here), white/blue, and navy/white.  The colorways with two distinct colors are much bolder looking due to the strong contrast between the front and rear of the foot.


The “sneaker inspired fit and feel” is evident when you pull them on.  There’s ample room throughout, including a fairly wide toe box.  Only at the heel does the Fuel snug around your foot.  The synthetic upper moves freely with your foot right out of the box.

Under your foot is a bed of Stratolite Foam.  This lightweight material provides ample cushioning but doesn’t have any spring or bounce to it.  If you prefer a more natural, grounded underfoot feel, this may be preferable to you.

For me, sizing on the Fuel is in line with other FootJoy shoes.  I find FootJoy to run slightly larger than other brands at the same size.  Size 13 always fits in a FootJoy; I sometimes size up to 14 in other brands.  Matt Meeker found his normal FootJoy size to be a little snug in the Fuel and went up half a size.


When I unboxed the FootJoy Fuel, the first thing I noticed was their weight.  They aren’t quite as feathery as the lightest shoes on the market, but they are among the lightest FootJoys I’ve tested.  For the walking golfer, shaving off a few ounces can make a differences on the back nine.

Similarly, the Fuel has a slightly lower heel than I expect from FootJoy.  Again, this is nowhere near a zero drop heel, but it’s a nod toward the player who wants to be closer to the ground.

Moving on to traction, the rows of round, medium-height “spikes” provide a solid grip on most surfaces.  Matt Meeker noted that the Fuel felt wide, providing him a solid base to swing from.  During the swing, the Fuel provides good stability for your foot.  Due to the roomier fit, your foot won’t feel completely locked down, but there is a firm boundary.

Finally, the FootJoy Fuel is waterproof and carries a one year warranty.  The pair that I tested stayed dry under my kitchen faucet, so I know they’ll have no issue with some rain come the spring.


If you’re looking for a workhorse golf shoe for 2022, the FootJoy Fuel is a solid choice.  It’s comfortable out of the box and light enough for walks of 18 or more.  The durable, waterproof upper will keep your feet supported and dry all year.

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  1. Bruce Ashworth

    Love the looks of the new Foot Joy fuel. If they are like other fj they are comfortable to

  2. Sandra Marshall

    Do they make the foot joy ladies fuel golf shoe size six and a half ( grey/berry colour) in a wide fitting.?

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