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The FootJoy emPOWER golf shoe offers performance and comfort without sacrificing style.  Designed specifically for women, the colors pop, and your game is enhanced.FootJoy emPower Golf Shoes_0009


I typically go for looks when buying golf shoes.  While these shoes would stand out in a store display, they also offer a level of comfort and performance that has changed my outlook on golf shoes.  They make a round of golf more pleasant and successful through excellent design and state-of-the-art features.  Settle no more.  From the underfoot foam to laces that do their job well, FootJoy emPOWER shoes are a must-have.

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I am not a member of the “barefoot cult,” but I do believe that shoes should be seen but not felt.  The mark of a good golf shoe, in my opinion, is one that I don’t think about for 18 holes.  No rubbing, no slipping, no sweating.  By doing what they are supposed to do, my FootJoy emPOWER golf shoes draw 0% of my attention away from the game.  They patiently wait for the glory until I take them off after the round and realize, “Hey, look at that! My socks are dry and my feet don’t hurt!  Way to go, shoes!”

“Lightweight and breathable” is FootJoy’s accurate description; “No disgusting foot sweat” is mine.

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My closet will the tell the story of my play-it-safe shoe shopping.  Black, gray, beige, brown, more black, and maybe one colorful pair of flip flops.  I do this because so many colorful shoes are overpowering and I lack the confidence to match them with appropriate clothing.  FootJoy emPOWER shoes are colorful and fun to be sure.  But even the bright colors are slightly muted to match a range of outfits.  If you still aren’t sure that bright green or neon orange are for you, you can opt for black or gray.  I made a conscious effort to not play it safe and am very pleased with the red/pink shoes.  The navy trim is always there to remind me of my conservatively rooted style.

The overall look of the emPOWER shoe also exudes a more subtle style.  No stark lines or clunky soles.  This is a shoe with a feminine design and classic look.FootJoy emPower Golf Shoes_0028


Billed as “fiercely performance-based,” the FootJoy emPOWER golf shoe flaunts top-quality materials, fit, and design.  The waterproofing is more than a coating.  There is a clear casing that runs along the bottom of the shoe that adds stylish lines as well.  Look closely and you might see it.

When I lace up, I can get a snug fit without discomfort.  At the same time, I can rest assured that the laces on my FootJoy emPOWER shoes won’t loosen as the round goes on.  Finally and perhaps most importantly to the game, these shoes provide great traction thanks to the MaxGrip outsole pods.

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Shoes are required, so why not invest in a pair that will make you happy on the golf course?  So many shoes fall short on one or two details, but FootJoy emPOWER golf shoes do not.  They do what shoes are supposed to do – enhance your game, while making you look and feel good.

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