Edel Torque Balanced Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The Edel E-2 Torque Balanced putter is one of the most innovative putters in the game.  Combined with the Edel putter fitting process, there’s nothing better.

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The putter is responsible for more strokes in a round of golf than any other, yet it’s the club that has changed the least in the last 10, 20, or 50 years.  Go to your local golf store and you’ll find putters that are functionally no different than the putters that were there the year before and the decade before that.

Edel’s Torque Balanced putters are different.  By starting with the simple question of, “What is a putter?” Edel has created a family of flat sticks that is unlike anything else on the market.

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While Edel’s Torque Balanced putters look fairly conventional from address, they’re a very different animal when you switch perspectives.  From the rear, you see eight holes drilled through the bottom which hint at something unusual.  When you flip it over, the sole reveals the secret to the Torque Balanced design – the toe and mid sections of the putter are nearly hollow, and there’s a weight port in the heel.

There are three putters in the Torque Balanced line up, the E-1, a blade, the E-3, a rounded mallet, and the E-2 that you see here.  All Edel putters offer customizable looks – black, gold, or silver finishes, black or chrome shafts, custom stamping, and custom paint fill.  Most importantly, the alignment aids – any combination of lines and dots – are customizable to fit your aim.

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Sound & Feel

The feel of the ball colliding with the Pixl insert is wonderful.  It’s simultaneously soft and solid, responsive but not punishing.  The sound at impact is a “tock” whose character depends a bit on the quality of the ball you use.  Softer, urethane-covered balls will create a softer, lower-pitched sound.

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There are two key technologies that make Edel’s Torque Balanced putters great performers: the Pixl insert and the Torque Balancing.  The Pixl insert, in addition to providing great feel, makes the putter forgiving of mishits.  Where most putters lose 8-10% of their ball speed on a mishit, the Pixl insert loses only 1-2%.  This translates to fewer putts left short of the hole.

Edel’s Torque Balancing is something that, once explained to you, makes you wonder, “Why didn’t anyone realize this before?”  The Torque Balanced putter is designed to sit in the same position (toe up) whether you hold the shaft parallel to the ground or in a playing position.  Conventional putters may have a certain “toe hang” when held parallel to the ground, but in a playing position they do something entirely different.  This consistency of orientation makes the Torque Balanced putters more consistent during the stroke.

Equally important, I found that the putter simply allowed me to do what I wanted to with the club face.  Most putters have something they want to do – heel shafted putters, for example, want to rotate a lot – and you need to fight them if you want to do something else.  The Torque Balanced putter, by contrast, is a blank canvas.  If you want to rotate the face a lot, it allows that.  It’s equally accommodating of a more straight-back-straight-through stroke.

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Why Get Fit?

If the putter is so good on its own, why bother getting fit?  There are two main reasons.  First, to improve your confidence in your aim.  Fitting for aim is the first step in the Edel putter fitting  – they find the head shape, neck, and alignment aids that you can aim accurately.  When you have this dialed in, there’s no longer any conflict between where you think you’re aiming and where you’re actually aiming.  It also eliminates the feeling that you get when your aim from behind the ball doesn’t match your aim standing over the ball.

The second, which may be even more important, is getting the correct weighting.  In an Edel putter fitting, your fitter will adjust the weight in the head, shaft, and grip to suit your stroke.  The result is distance control that’s totally effortless.  I used to grind over distance control, pacing off putts and consciously modifying the length of my backswing.  Now it’s like throwing a ball – look at the target, roll the putt.  Three putts are a thing of the past.

For more information about the Edel putter fitting process, click HERE.

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Most of the time, I close a review by giving my thoughts on who a particular club would be good for – high handicappers, low handicappers, slicers, hookers, etc.  In this case, my recommendation is bolder: everyone should try an Edel putter fitting.  For the price of a generic, stock putter from one of the big names, Edel will handcraft a custom putter to your exact specifications.  If you want to make more putts, the Edel Torque Balanced putters simply cannot be ignored.

Matt Saternus


  1. I absolutely agree with your review and thoughts. My Edel E-1 has been a godsend!

  2. Peter thomas

    I live in the Memphis area, is there anyone close who fits your system. Am willing to travel abit to see this set up. Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      You can find an Edel fitter on the Edel website. Click any of the links in the article.


  3. I had a fitting last week and ordered an E-2. I can’t wait to get it. The fitting was very thorough and confirmed a couple suspicions. I am getting two lines on the top edge and one line on the trailing edge and even though it looks weird, I think it will really help.

    I also have Edel wedges (50 and 54) and I LOVE them.

  4. Mervyn Logan

    I bought my Edel putter a few months ago and love it. It initially appears to be a little ‘head heavy’ it is now so comfortable. Distance and direction both improved.

  5. Steve McDowell

    As a 15 handicapper wanting time get into the single digits I’ve consistently found the ~ 40% of my score is putting. I play on an old Donald Ross course that keeps their greens at ~ 10 to 12. Their tough to read and even tougher to putt.
    David Edel has opened my eyes to putting… cannot say thank you enough!

  6. Dennis Vicars

    Is the Odessey toe up putter and the Edel 2 the same idea? Are they two & the same?

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