ECCO S-THREE Golf Shoe Review

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ECCO S-THREE golf shoes are stylish and offer plenty of performance in a very comfortable package.  You would expect nothing less from ECCO.


ECCO burst onto the golf scene with the help of Fred Couples and his performance at the Masters.  Couples has famously battled back issues and was searching for a comfortable golf shoe that would give him support without sacrificing performance.  ECCO has become famous for comfortable shoes.  In the last few years, ECCO has introduced shoes with a bit more flair.  The ECCO S-THREE is the latest in a line of quality golf shoes that also look great.


ECCO shoes originated as a product of the Netherlands and have always “looked” European to me.  The ECCO S-THREE is a step toward a more sleek and modern-styled shoe.  This looks like a shoe I’d love to show off. The S-THREE are simple in style and yet flashy enough to give it some spice.  I think it’s a winner.


Sometimes you can just pick up a shoe and feel the quality.  The materials and structure are pleasing to the touch, even down to the laces.  I have an older pair of ECCO golf shoes that are one of the most comfortable shoes that I game.  

The ultimate test for me would come with 36 holes of walking at Bandon Dunes.  I had worn them once before the trip, but this was walking, a lot of walking.  The ECCO S-THREE felt great.  My feet were better off because of the feel and cushioning of the S-THREE. 

The ECCO Zonal Fluidform™ technology midsole boasts 3 different zones with differing levels of rigidity.  The result is what feels like a wonderful balance of firmness and cushioning in the places where you need it.  This is one comfortable shoe that is easy to put on and easy to wear.

When it comes to feel and comfort, the ECCO S-THREE do not disappoint.


True to ECCO’s lineage, the S-THREE is not only a comfortable shoe but offers great performance with what ECCO calls an E-DTS, dynamic traction system.  Approximately 100 Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) traction bars, boasting 800 traction angles, helped keep my feet stable during my swing.  It’s nice to have that confidence, especially on uneven lies around the course.

Playing golf in Central Florida exposes you to heat and humidity, especially in the late summer.  As someone who sweats a lot, I was concerned that leather Gore-Tex shoes would suffocate my feet.  On the contrary, my feet were comfortable and dry during and after the round.  On top of the breathability, the S-THREE offer 100 percent water-proofing.  Dry and comfortable feet are a very good thing.

I would caution you about the sizing that ECCO uses.  There are no half sizes.  You order shoes labeled 10/10.5, 11/11.5, etc.  If you wear an 11, like me, you may have a little bit of extra room, but it was not too noticeable and did not effect my performance.


ECCO manufactures a great shoe.  Blending on-course performance with off-course style, the waterproof ECCO Golf S-THREE delivers premium comfort from the tee box to the clubhouse and beyond.  

When Fred Couples was looking for a comfortable shoe to help with back pain, it is no surprise he chose ECCO.  The S-THREE is a very comfortable shoe, with plenty of performance, that I can highly recommend.

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