Ecco Golf Core Shoe Review

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The Ecco Golf Core shoe is a sleek, high quality shoe.  Supportive and comfortable out of the box.  Outstanding traction.

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It’s natural for humans to fall into habits, or what you might even call a rut.  When we find something we like, we tend to stick with it and not try new things.  That’s certainly true for me with golf shoes.

I recently realized that for the last eight years, I’d been ignoring one of the top shoe companies in golf, Ecco.  Knowing how Matt Meeker has been a strong advocate for them [find his reviews HERE], I decided it was time to give the Ecco Golf Core a shot.


The Ecco Golf Core is one of the best looking golf shoes I’ve reviewed in a while.  At a glance, it has very sleek lines, and the high quality materials give it a dressy, traditional look.  A second look allows you to notice the pop of color around the laces and the mix of materials that give it a slightly sporty vibe.  Looking down at them, I really like the streamlined silhouette.

Many golf shoes aim for that “cool enough for the kids, not too wild for the adults” look, but Ecco actually achieves it, seemingly without trying.  I chalk that up to the expert blend of leather with other textiles that allows it to look fresh but not overly technical.  Also worth noting is how Ecco keeps the branding very minimal because a cleaner look is timeless.

The Ecco Golf Core shoe is available in three colorways: Black, White/Silver Metallic/Blue Depths, and Silver Grey/Silver Metallic/Black


The Ecco Golf Core shoe feels great right out of the box, as a modern shoe should.  The inside of the shoe is soft and well cushioned but not pillowy or squishy.  It’s a nice middle ground for players who want to feel the turf but also want comfort.

In terms of fit, I landed on the word “tailored” for the Ecco Golf Core.  Just like an expertly cut suit, there isn’t room to slop around, but you’re not constricted either.  The one spot that does have a little extra wiggle room is the toe.  The toe box isn’t super wide, but it’s far from the traditional pointy toe that leaves your piggies screaming.

Finally, the Golf Core has strong arch support and excellent padding at the Achilles.  If you have flat feet, these need to be at the top of your list.  Similarly, if you prefer a low sock but hate having your Achilles rubbed raw, these are for you.


The Ecco Golf Core shoe has elite traction for a spikeless shoe.  The E-DTS TWIST outsole is designed to provide “multi-directional traction,” and I found that I was able to dig into the turf more when swinging all-out.   Looking at the picture above, you’ll notice that Ecco has used larger cleats in “high-abrasion” areas, presumably to give the sole longer life.

Of course, having a stable sole doesn’t do much for you if the rest of the shoe doesn’t connect to you securely.  Ecco has found an ideal middle ground, providing structure and support without suffocating you, just like a good parent.  Your foot will feel locked in laterally during the swing but not so much that you feel unathletic.

Another important thing to note is that the Ecco Golf Core has a traditional heel height.  If you’re a golfer who has always worn FootJoy, these will be right in your wheelhouse.  If you’re coming from a natural motion shoe like TRUE Linkswear, it’s going to feel very different.  This heel height is not objectively good or bad, it’s simply a matter of finding what is comfortable for you.

Finally, Ecco’s HYDROMAX Technology makes these shoes water-repellent but not waterproof.  That distinction is important if you’re a mudder but less so for the average golfer.  I took these out in heavy dew and stayed perfectly dry.  Additionally, when I washed them under a steady flow in the sink, I didn’t notice any water inside the shoe.


Everything about the Ecco Golf Core shoe is thoughtful and high quality.  These shoe are comfortable and expertly made.  Make sure to check out Ecco the next time you’re buying golf shoes; I think you’ll be as impressed as I am.

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  1. Bought a pair of Ecco golf shoes last summer, didn’t play in the winter. The side of shoes cracked open last week.

  2. Expensive shoes that aren’t waterproof and don’t come in wide. Wonderful.

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