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The DP Golf Putting Ramp is an excellent tool for measuring green speed, working on your reads, and setting up better putting drills.  Much less expensive than other similar devices.


Putting is a three-legged stool.  You need to read the putt, start it on the correct line, and have the right speed.  Yet, despite it being a third of the putting equation, very few golfers work on their ability to read the green.  “Matt, that’s because it’s impossible to untangle read from speed and start line.”  Not if you have the DP Golf Putting Ramp.  With this simple but powerful training aid, you can dial in your reads, set up better drills, and start making more putts.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The DP Golf Putting Ramp includes five pieces – two sides and three connectors.  The two long, straight pieces are add-ons that can be purchased separately or as part of a larger package.

Assembling the Putting Ramp is fairly straightforward, though the directions are helpful the first time or two.  Once you’ve done it a couple times, you can have the Putting Ramp assembled or disassembled in about a minute.

Using the DP Putting Ramp is similarly intuitive.  Roll the ball down the ramp to get a clear picture of a putt’s true break or to measure green speed.  For measuring speed precisely, there is the DP Golf Companion app, which I’ll discuss in the next section.


The DP Golf Putting Ramp works exactly as promised, rolling the ball consistently so that you can judge the speed and break.  Per DP Golf, the Putting Ramp rolls the ball 7 feet by itself, 10 feet with the short extender, and 20 feet with the long extender.  In my testing, I got more distance, but that reflects either conservative estimates from DP Golf or faster greens where I tested.

It may not be immediately obvious why this device is so valuable, but the reasons are numerous.  First, it lets you set up better putting practice.  Many putting drills require a straight putt.  With the Putting Ramp, you can find a truly straight putt so that you know when you’re rolling the ball well.

Second, with the Putting Ramp, you can work on your green reading.  Yes, making a read and hitting a putt works on your read to an extent, but it’s compromised by your ability to hit the perfect putt.  With the Putting Ramp, you can know if the read was correct because the putt is always perfect.

Finally, spending time with the DP Putting Ramp will teach you just how important speed is.  A read that is perfect at one speed can look quite bad if the putt is struck harder or softer.  If you know that you putt with dying speed, you’ll learn how much more break you need to play, and how much pace you need if you want to “take the break out” of a short, must-make putt.

The DP Golf Companion app adds even more utility to the Putting Ramp.  On the left you see the home screen which allows you to quickly measure the speed of the green with the Putting Ramp.  Do note that you need one of the extenders to make this work.

Above on the right, you can see the “Practice Anywhere” mode.  This helps you to calculate how the speed of one green will translate to another.  If you have an indoor putting green or mat, you can use this mode to help that indoor practice translate more directly to the course.


The DP Golf Putting Ramp is one of those training aids that’s targeted at the serious player.  If you’re committed to lowering your handicap, a putting ramp is a must have.  It adds a tremendous amount to your putting practice and your knowledge of green reading, and it’s something you’re going to use regularly.

For the recreational player, the Putting Ramp is likely overkill.  If you’re not already spending a fair amount of time on the putting green, it’s unlikely that this trainer will have much utility for you.


The DP Golf Putting Ramp retails for $85 [support Plugged In Golf by buying it HERE].  Adding the range extenders bumps the price up.  The shorter extender raises the cost to $120, the longer extender to $126.  While that’s not cheap, consider that The Perfect Putter [review HERE], which is the only comparable device I’m familiar with, retails for $300.

Obviously the DP Golf Putting Ramp offers substantially better value than The Perfect Putter.  Removing that context, I would say that the Putting Ramp is a very worthwhile trainer for the serious player but not a good buy for the recreational golfer.


Kudos to DP Golf for creating a training aid that every serious golfer should have in the arsenal and doing so at less than 1/3 the price of their competitor.  If you want to see your handicap and your putts per round drop, adding the DP Golf Putting Ramp to your practice regimen is a great first step.

Buy the DP Golf Putting Ramp HERE

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