deWiz Golf Swing Modifier Review

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The deWiz Golf Swing Modifier provides clear, instant feedback to help you make improvements to your swing.  Wonderful app that lets you use deWiz in a variety of ways.  Newest feature allows you to measure your swings during a round.


I’m a harsh judge of training aids, but with endorsements from five major champions, the deWiz Golf Swing Modifier had my attention.  This simple-looking device is based in the science of motor learning, utilizing a Learning Stimulus to help golfers improve their swings.  Can deWiz really provide “less guesswork and more consistency” like it promises?  Let’s find out.

deWiz Swing Modifier unboxed

Set Up & Ease of Use

When I unboxed the deWiz Golf Swing Modifier, I found the wristband, a charging cord, and two small booklets.  I was a little thrown by the lack of buttons or display on the wristband, but I followed the instructions, charged the wristband, and downloaded the app.

Once the wristband was charged and I had created an account on the app, everything worked seamlessly.  The wristband turns on with one push, connects quickly, and – most importantly – stays connected throughout your practice session.

Everything in the app works quickly and intuitively.  The app walks you through your first session in a way that’s helpful but not annoyingly slow.  You start in the Discovery mode where you make swings and simply receive your data and learn your numbers.  This is the perfect intro to seeing all that the deWiz Golf Swing Modifier is capable of before you get into the other modes.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the deWiz Golf Swing Modifier is light and comfortable on the wrist.  The rubber strap fastens securely with three pins, so you don’t have to worry about it moving during the swing.


A training aid is judged on the quality of the feedback it provides, aiming for timely and clear like the Putting Fork [review HERE].  The deWiz Golf Swing Modifier excels in this regard, providing instantaneous feedback that cannot be misunderstood.

Within the deWiz app, there are three modes: Discovery, Practice & Learn, and Challenge.  In Discovery, you’re seeing your swings and your numbers (above).  This shows your hand speed, transition, tempo, and length of backswing below a 3D video of your swing.

Practice & Learn mode is where the work gets done.  You can choose to practice your Transition, Tempo, Length of Backswing, or Distwedges.  Once you select your “topic,” you set the parameters of the practice.  An example of those parameters could be a backswing that’s between 47 and 50 inches long.  To make things spicy, turn on the Learning Stimulus.  Now, if you make a backswing that’s outside the parameters, you get a shock through the wristband.  The shock comes through instantly at the intensity that you choose, from barely noticeable to curse-inducing.

What makes the feedback in Practice & Learn mode so valuable is that it’s instantaneous.  You aren’t going to make a swing, pick up your phone, then realize the swing wasn’t correct.  The instant that your swing falters, you know it.  Also, the ability to dial in the swing you want, and the acceptable level of performance, is unlike almost any other training aid.  A newer golfer can be happy making any move that’s less “over the top,” but a low handicap player can prescribe a very tight tolerance.

Challenge mode currently has one option: deWiz Distwedges Challenge.  In this game, the app generates different backswing distances, and your goal is to match those as precisely as possible.  After ten swings, you’re given a score from 0-100 representing your accuracy.  This mode is fun and addictive.

Adding even more depth is the Insights page on the deWiz website.  Log in to your account, and you’ll see a full-screen display of all your data from your entire training history.  You can look at overall trends or filter it down by club or date.  Additionally, you can compare your data to deWiz’s ambassadors – Vijay Singh, Annika Sorenstam, Henrik Stenson, Bryson Dechambeau, and Yuka Saso.

Overall, I think think the deWiz is great.  You can use it to fix a huge variety of swing flaws: from hooks to slice, too quick to too lazy.  You do need a little swing knowledge to set the parameters properly, but deWiz has loads of instructional material on their website to help you understand the device, your swing, and your data.

deWiz Swing Modifier box


Several factors give the deWiz Golf Swing Modifier excellent longevity as a training aid.  First, it’s versatile: you can use it to address a variety of problems.  Second, it’s a device you can go back to even if you’re not trying to “fix” your swing.  Once you’re happy with your swing, you can set up monthly appointment with deWiz to check in and make sure you’re staying on track.  Finally, it’s fun to use.  The app is seamless, and Challenge mode is something I can see myself doing regularly for both enjoyment and improvement.

Also, deWiz continues to add new features to the app which will only increase the device’s longevity.  Just before this review was published, they announced an On Course Mode which will capture data while you play.  This could be a game changer in terms of understanding the difference between your best and worst shots.  Vijay Singh used this mode during a tournament round, and you can see some of his discoveries HERE.


The deWiz Golf Swing Modifier retails for $699, and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.  Buy it HERE.

At this price, the deWiz is clearly aimed at only the most serious golfers.  I think this is a great device, but the cost is substantial.  I would recommend it only to golfers who put real effort into their practice.

deWiz Swing Modifier on wrist


The deWiz Golf Swing Modifier is one of the best and most unique training aids that I’ve reviewed in ten years at Plugged In Golf.  If you’re dedicated to perfecting your swing, the deWiz is almost a must-own, and it will only become more valuable as they continue to expand the app and perfect the On Course Mode.

Visit deWiz HERE

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  1. Interesting training aid. Based on the cost, I’d be more likely to see how it evolves in gen 2 rather than buying it out of the gate.

  2. I’ve seen you tube instructors push this device. Too pricey for what it does imo. Good idea though

  3. Does it help with the putting stroke?

  4. Dennis Tryon

    I’d think they would sell many more at a cheaper buy-in price with an annual subscription

  5. That needs to be under $300 if it wants to do well and sell. Everyone hates subscriptions. Maybe they gotta offset all that endorsement money! I get it’s the price of one new driver (these days), but that’s out of reach for most people who would benefit the most for it.

  6. Ergonomics are great, but far too expensive when you can get the Swing Caddie SC4 for $200 less with your discount. This wrist device is a bit like the debunked Zipp Golf gadget (went belly up with no farewell to buyers) but 6x more expensive. Checking on stats while you’re playing means you’re close to “analysis paralysis”. Stay away during match play. When they stuff the SC4 technology into a wrist watch I’m in.

    • Matt Saternus


      You’re comparing apples and oranges. The stats that the SC4 (which is a great device) provides are entirely different than what the deWiz provides.
      Also, to clarify regarding the On Course Mode, there are no stats provided during the round. This is what keeps it within the rules of golf.


  7. Matt, this is fascinating, how would you compare this to some of the other wrist or hand based aids, Zepp for example?

    Also does this work for Lefties? I have seen some wrist based devices that only work for righties (on their left arm).

    • Matt Saternus


      You can actually wear the deWiz on either wrist whether you’re right or left handed, so it does have that versatility.
      This is far and away the best on-club or on-wrist swing analyzer I’ve tested.



  8. If I’m being honest I can’t get past the “shock me please sir may I have another” aspect of this device.

  9. Does the device support multiple users? I’m curious if you could buy one as an instructor and then use it as a training aid with your students?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, you can have multiple profiles under one account or create different accounts for each user.



  10. Great review and really intriguing aid. I have two questions for you. (1) Does this measure swing speed, or “just” indirectly through other metrics like hand speed, length of backswing, etc.? (2) Is the main difference between this and Blast Golf the ability to set parameters and get shocked when out of those parameters…or is there something else I’m missing? Thank you again for your review!

    • Matt Saternus


      deWiz measures hand speed, not club speed.
      The training element is a major difference between deWiz and Blast. Also deWiz is worn on the wrist, not attached to the club. Most importantly, I found the deWiz to be much more reliable in terms of connection, quality of app, and consistency of data.


  11. Don Galenzoski

    I have used the DeWiz for 1 yr and it has helped me with my hand position at impact (transition). Great training aid. Easy to use. Well worth the $’s!!!

  12. The graphics look like the Zep Golf app with the sensor that clips on your Golf glove and it was just $99.00 now the app doesn’t work anymore.

  13. I pulled my Zepp out to check some path issues, and found out it is bricked. Sucks. This looks pretty good, but I loved the approximate swing path viewer in Zepp. Price difference is substantial.

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