Cobra KING F8 Irons Review

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The Cobra KING F8 irons are long (literally and in terms of distance) and easy to hit.  Cobra Connect allows you to track every shot.


Data is changing golf, and no OEM is putting more data in the hands of golfers than Cobra.  For 2018, Cobra has put Cobra Connect/Arccos sensors in every club, including their irons.  These sensors are built into the grips so that you can track every iron shot and improve your game.  We wanted to know if the irons that carry this tech are worth putting in the bag.


The Cobra KING F8 irons straddle the line between game improvement and super game improvement irons.  The top line is thick as is the sole.  Its large, chrome face also leans toward the SGI classification.  What tilts it toward GI is the modest offset and the fact that the sole doesn’t stick out beyond the top line.

With only chrome, black, and carbon fiber, the F8 looks sharp in the bag.  I wouldn’t call the branding modest, but it’s not over the top either.

Sound & Feel

In the KING F8 iron, Cobra has used a carbon fiber medallion to soften the feel of impact.  The purpose is to create a feel that’s unlike the typical distance iron.  In my opinion, they achieved their goal but went a bit too far.  Instead of feeling long and explosive, impact feels…blah.  It’s not the softness of a forged iron, it’s just dull.


If you look at the specs of the Cobra KING F8 irons, you’ll notice that they are 100% built for distance.  The shaft lengths are, on average, about 1/2″ longer than normal.  The lofts are among the strongest in this year’s class of irons.  Unsurprisingly, the result is irons that are very long relative to the number stamped on the sole.

In an attempt to keep the long irons playable, Cobra has optimized the center of gravity throughout the set.  In the 4-7 irons, the clubs are fully hollow with a low CG for higher launch.  8-PW are cavity backs, and the wedges are more blade-like with higher CGs.  This helps with the distance gapping in the long irons, but players will still need to bring a good amount of club head speed.

Finally, there’s Cobra Connect/Arccos built into the grips.  I’ve made no secret of my love for data – it’s helped my game a lot.  If you commit to tracking all your rounds and analyzing the data, you’ll get valuable insights that will help you practice better and shoot lower scores.  With the sensors built in, there’s no excuse not to.


At a price of $100/iron with the Arccos sensor, the Cobra KING F8 irons are quality performers and a good value.  If you want a strong dose of forgiveness and plenty of distance, these are worth a look.

Cobra KING F8 Irons Price and Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Robert Howland

    I have had 2 sets of cobras I loved both sets
    Of clubs irons on both sets got me out of many bad situations don’t play all that well but be a lot worse if not for the Cobra’s I am planning on getting 1 more set not sure when

  2. Todd Williams

    They do sound tempting #SecretGiveaway

  3. Dave Hunhoff

    Are the Cobra F8 irons considered easily bendable for lie adjustment?

    • Matt Saternus


      A skilled club builder can get a couple degrees out of almost any iron, but most people consider cast clubs – like the F8 – more prone to breakage than forged clubs.



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