Cleveland Golf Creates Unique System to Combat Common Long-Game Woes with All-New HALO XL Woods

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Whether it’s long Irons, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, or something else entirely, avid golfers are keeping long-game clubs in the bag that often hurt their scores. That’s exactly why CLEVELAND GOLF® created a simpler, easier way to reduce disastrous long-game shots with the all-new HALO XL Woods.

After taking a deep dive into the data on common long-game challenges among avid golfers, Cleveland Golf created an easier way for golfers to achieve long-game success by offering three unique HALO XL models, along with an extended lineup of lofts. These variety of options are designed to not only help players avoid long game challenges, but also eliminate the guesswork players can often encounter when picking long game clubs.

“Picture this – You’re in the middle of the fairway on a par-5 with a chance to get on the green in regulation,” said Casey Shultz, Senior Product Manager at Cleveland Golf. “You pull out a long-game option in your bag because it’s the one you always use, and proceed to duff it 20 yards in front of you and now you’re struggling to save par. “This new system, and our unique lineup will fill in those gaps where the mishits tend to happen and help golfers love their long-game again instead of dreading it.”
Casey Shultz, Sr. Product Manager

Long-game inconsistencies are rather common among avid golfers. Partnering with Arccos, golf’s largest and most comprehensive shot database, Cleveland Golf discovered golfers with handicaps between 10 and 25 rely on long-game clubs at least 37% of the time on par-4 approach shots. That’s nearly double compared to lower handicaps.

Arccos data also shows that mishits with 4i-6i likely all travel within 7 yards of each other on average. Plus, 85% of avid golfers still carry a 5-Iron, so it’s no wonder avid golfers often struggle to solve their issues with those clubs

So, how do golfers combat this data and make the changes necessary to get their long-games back on track? HALO XL Woods are designed to help reframe these inconsistencies among avid golfers by providing multiple, more forgiving options for every long-game club in the bag.

Let’s explore these options some more. Each model, whether it’s a Fairway Wood, Hybrid, or Hy-Wood, is infused with its own performance-specific blend of tech features that are optimized to fit that specific club’s performance goals.

“Golf’s unique that way. What fits one player doesn’t fit all,” Shultz said. “If the Fairway Wood isn’t cutting it and you feel it’s hurting your game, why is it still in the bag? Finding the right Wood type for your swing, whether it’s using Hybrids instead of Fairways, or something new like our Hy-Wood, will ultimately lead to better results.”
Casey Shultz, Sr. Product Manager

Wondering what a Hy-Wood is? It’s a club specifically designed to fill the space between, giving golfers the distance of a Fairway Wood and the swing feel of a Hybrid. This inbetweener club, allows golfers to hit down on the ball with less of the typical sweeping motion that comes with Fairway Wood swings. This generation features a new 4+ loft offering, providing more options than ever before.

Ready for a fitting? Players can be fit for the HALO XL Woods at most golf retailers nationwide. Cleveland Golf representatives provided specialized training at each dealer location to ensure proper fittings. If a fitting isn’t possible, Cleveland Golf also has a custom online fitting quiz so players can find which HALO XL Woods option best suits their game.

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