Cleveland 2135 Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The Cleveland Golf 2135 putter has a raised alignment line that helps to create more consistent aim.  Very good feel.  Excellent value at under $130.

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Cleveland’s latest line of putters, the 2135, seeks to bring alignment to new heights (sorry, couldn’t resist).  By putting the sight line on the same level as the center of the ball (21.35 mm), Cleveland claims that you get more consistent alignment regardless of your eye position at address.  We put the 2135 1.0 putter to the test to determine if this is a true aid in alignment or just a gimmick.



Generally speaking the TFi 1.0 is an Anser 2-style putter, but it does have some unique visual characteristics.  Most noticeable, of course, is the raised alignment aid.  We’ll get to the performance aspects of this later, but from a visual standpoint I think it’s done fairly well.  Obviously any change from tradition will upset some, but this is change with a purpose.

The other thing that I noticed about the Cleveland Golf 2135 putter at address are the bits of the copper and white face insert that are visible in the heel and toe.  While I like the copper face – I think it helps this putter to stand out from the crowd – I do find the heel and toe a bit distracting at address.

Finally, I really like what Clevleand did with the shaping of the sole and under side of the bumpers.  I don’t expect that the small notch has a substantial impact on weight or performance, but it’s a nice aesthetic touch where other makers might not have put in the effort.

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Sound & Feel

The TFi (True Feel Innovation) insert on the Cleveland Golf 2135 putter produces a very pleasant sound and feel at impact.  When using a premium ball, impact is soft with a poppy “thock” sound.  If you use a super soft ball, the sound turns to more of a dull “thud.”

Feedback from this putter is good.  Most shots struck within the bounds of the cavity feel similar, but mishits sound a bit duller.  More extreme misses feel and sound very dull.

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The headline question is, “Does the raised alignment aid actually make a difference?”  My answer, much to my own surprise, is, “Yes.”  As Cleveland shows in their promotional video, a line on the flange does appear to move a bit as you move your eye position relative to the ball.  With the 2135 putter, there seems to be much less movement.  Whether or not this difference is substantial is up to each one of you, but we all know that in putting every millimeter matters, so if you’re dependent on your sight line, I think this is worth checking out.

Beyond the raised line, the TFi 1.0 performs very nicely.  At 345 grams, it has nice heft without being too heavy.  I found that the face insert produced very predictable results and may offer slightly better-than-average forgiveness.

The 2135 line includes three putters.  The 1.0, seen here, is available for both right and left handed players.  There’s also a 360 gram mid-mallet, the 6.5, and a counterbalanced, wide-body Anser 2 called the 8.0.  That putter weighs in at 405 grams with a 135 gram counterbalanced grip.

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As we’ve come to expect from Cleveland over the last few years, the 2135 putter is a great value (MSRP $129) with very solid performance.  Cleveland has raised the bar even higher this time by adding the raised alignment aid which does work as advertised.  Bring your putter to your local pro shop to compare for yourself.

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  1. please, please tell me the difference between the tfi-2135 1.0 & the tfi-2135 winnpro X. please…!! thanx-johnnhum

  2. I’m a novice golfer. Been playing for about 7 yrs. My handicap is about an 18. I need to improve putting. I am 5 ft 7in tall and just ordered a 34 in 2135 1. 0 putter. Will this improve my game?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way for us to say definitively if it will help. I do think the alignment feature is unique and interesting and may help with your aim. Of course that won’t matter if the putter itself doesn’t fit your stroke with regard to toe hang, length, weight, etc.



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