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A Game That Makes a Difference

Golf likes to hold itself out as being different – and, let’s be honest, better – than other sports.  Golfers talk about how the game teaches and reveals character.  TV commentators trumpet the positive impact of golf tournaments and the work of PGA Tour pros.  But you don’t need to be millionaire tour pro to use golf to make a positive impact, as evidenced by Christian Hafer and Carry Hope.

Carry Hope

Carry Hope is a new organization that Christian Hafer developed based on his childhood experiences and the benefits that he has derived from playing golf.  The goal of the organization is to partner with local groups – schools, shelters, and law enforcement – to take kids who have been exposed to substance abuse and teach them about golf.  They plan to provide camps, clinics, and other golf experiences to help these kids have fun and get a break from their stressful home environments.  For the kids that enjoy the game, Carry Hope plans to create ongoing mentorship and scholarship programs so that these children can succeed in all aspects of life.

In addition to working directly with children, Carry Hope plans to use golf outings and other functions to bring awareness and financial support to the issue of substance abuse.

Carry Hope is just laying the foundation for their work in 2017 and hopes to be active in multiple states in the years to come.

Help Carry Hope

If you think Carry Hope is on the right track, help them get their plans off the ground by donating HERE.

If you want to be involved firsthand, you can contact Christian Hafer HERE.

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