Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS Hybrid Review

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The Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS hybrid is the MAX on steroids.  Bigger head with even more forgiveness.  Stronger draw bias.  Plenty of distance.


Much like the Rogue ST MAX OS irons [review HERE], the Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS hybrid is unapologetic about what it is.  This is a big, big hybrid meant to make the long game easier.  If you want more of your mishits to perform like pure strikes, this is one to check out.


The Rogue ST MAX OS is the largest of the Rogue ST hybrids with a footprint that Callaway refers to, appropriately, as “Oversized.”  It has the same square toe as the MAX hybrid [review HERE], but it’s longer from front-to-back and the face appears even bigger.

Leaving aside the size, the MAX OS hybrid is very similar to the MAX.  Both have a bit of offset and want to sit a touch shut.  They also share the matte black crown with the white chevron alignment aid.

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the Rogue ST MAX OS hybrid is nearly identical to the MAX.  Both have a mid-pitched “snap” that’s a little quieter than your average hybrid.  They also share a feel that’s pretty solid and conveys the sense of speed to your hands.  In both clubs, I think the sound and feel work harmoniously to create a satisfying impact experience.

The feedback from the MAX OS hybrid comes mainly through the hands.  Being a stable, oversized club, you won’t feel tiny mishits very much.  Anything near the center of the face feels hot.  However, when you hit it thin or toward the heel or toe, your hands will know it immediately.


With so many hybrids chasing distance, my baseline assumption for any larger hybrid is that it’s going to be low spin.  I was pleasantly surprised when I started testing the Rogue ST MAX OS and saw spin numbers that created consistent carry distance and playable landing angles.  This isn’t a high spin hybrid built for shaping shots, but it’s got more versatility than a pure bomber hybrid.

None of that should lead you to believe that the Rogue ST MAX OS hybrid isn’t long.  Thanks to Jailbreak ST and an AI designed face, this club has loads of ball speed.  Like the Rogue ST MAX and the Rogue ST Pro [review HERE] hybrids, you should expect to see smash factors nearing 1.5 whenever you’re hitting it well.  That speed combines with mid launch and the aforementioned mid spin to create long, consistent carry distances.

The two areas where the MAX OS separates itself from the MAX are forgiveness and draw bias.  The MAX is quite forgiving, but the MAX OS takes it to another level.  You can hit nearly any part of the face and expect a solid launch angle, good speed, and plenty of distance.  It takes a pretty bad mishit to drop more than 10-15 yards of carry.

Finally, the MAX OS favors a draw more strongly than the MAX.  I didn’t find the draw bias to be extreme, but it is evident in every shot.  If you tend to hit a small to medium cut, you’ll see most of your shots going straight with the MAX OS.  As someone with a tendency to go left, I had to put in concerted effort to get the MAX OS to fly straight or fade.


For players that want to look down at a big, forgiving hybrid instead of an iron, Callaway makes that available six times over with the Rogue ST MAX OS hybrid.  This club delivers on both distance and consistency while also providing surprisingly high versatility.  If your ball striking is begging for more forgiveness, consider swapping out some of your irons for the MAX OS hybrids.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Great review. What shaft did you play with and did you think it worked well? Or did you want something different?

  2. What’s the tip diameter used in the OS hybrids

  3. Curious if you know the amount of offset of the max, max os, and bb21? I have a BB21, but when I hit it wrong it goes way left. So trying to balance that one out btw the Max and MaxOS.

  4. Gregory Cruz

    Thanks for the great review. Based on this I purchased a 5 hybrid. Should have it in a few days.

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