Callaway MD3 Wedge Review

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50 Words or Less

The Callaway MD3 wedges are solid wedges with three different sole grinds to suit different players and conditions.


While not the conversation starter that the PM Grind wedge is, the new MD3 wedges from Callaway refresh the company’s short game offering and give players more ability to customize their set make up.  Through a number of performance-driven changes, Callaway has put their new wedges on a level with some of the best from any OEM.

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Available in both the matte black finish seen here and a chrome finish, the Callaway MD3 wedges are pretty middle of the road in terms of look at address.  The size of the head is average, and the leading edge is rounded but not to a crazy extent.

In the bag, the porting near the sole and the green paint do make the MD3 more an eye-catcher.  We first saw Callaway put ports in the sole of the PM Grind wedge because they needed to offset the weight in the high toe.  The toe of the MD3 is not nearly as tall, but the ports still look cool.

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Sound & Feel

Much like the Callaway’s Mack Daddy PM Grind wedge, the feel of the Callaway MD3 wedges is good, but not life changing.  At impact, you get a fairly soft “thud” that provides adequate feedback about how the ball was struck.  Feel alone won’t sell these wedges, but it’s not a negative either.

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There are two major upgrades that make the Callaway MD3 wedges different than past offerings: three different sole grinds and “progressive groove optimization.”

The three sole grinds are labeled W, S, and C.  W denotes the widest sole, which is best suited for softer conditions and players with steep angles of attack.  It’s also well suited to bunker play.  The C Grind is designed for firm conditions and open-faced shots with heel and toe relief.  The S sole is in between W and C – it’s the most versatile choice and will fit the players in the middle of the bell curve.  Overall, the differences between the three soles are noticeable for good players, but they’re not to so dramatic that some options will be unplayable.

Callaway’s Progressive Groove Optimization is very similar to what PING has done with their Glide wedges.  In short, the lower lofted wedges have smaller grooves to keep spin manageable on full swings.  The higher lofted wedges have the biggest grooves for dealing with sand and rough and putting spin on short shots.  While this concept isn’t as sexy as simply saying, “Bigger grooves!  More spin!”, you’ll be happy with this system when your gap wedge holds its line in the wind instead of sailing off course.

Beyond these new features, the MD3 gives you pretty much exactly what you’d expect.  If you have the right sole for your swing and conditions, these wedges will perform well for you.  They’re not game changers, but they’ll be solid additions to any bag.

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More and more OEMs are recognizing the importance of offering multiple sole grinds, and Callaway is certainly on board with their new MD3 wedges.  Be sure to try all the soles for yourself, preferably with the guidance of a qualified fitter, and you’ll find that your short game is producing much shorter putts.

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