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50 Words or Less

The PING Glide wedges are brilliantly designed from the grip to the grooves to the sole.  My favorite wedge from a major OEM.


One of the things that I like most about PING is that they’re not afraid of features and upgrades that require a little explaining.  While most companies go for simple, 2-word, meaningless hype – “BIGGEST GROOVES!” “TOUR GRIND!” – PING has designed the Glide wedge with upgrades in the sole, grooves, and grip that will actually help your game, even if the “why” takes a few sentences.

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The PING Glide wedges have a super clean aesthetic, but are still instantly recognizable as a PING wedge.  At address, you see a slightly rounded leading edge and toe and an average sized club head.  In the bag, the look is clean and modern without any colored paints or flashy logos.  This is a club that understands the concept of letting its actions speak for it.

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Sound & Feel

Just like the look, the feel of the PING Glide wedges is classic PING.  Impact has a muted, soft feel, with plenty of feedback.

One thing I’ve always liked about PING wedges is that you get good feel for the head without a ridiculously high swing weight.  This is certainly true with the Glide wedges – I never lost track of the club during the swing, but it wasn’t too heavy to control.

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As I mentioned, PING did not hold back on the Glide wedge – there are improvements in the sole, grooves, and grip.

Let’s start with the sole.  PING is offering three sole options – Thin Sole, Standard Sole, and Wide Sole (sole options vary by loft).  As you can see in the picture above, it appears that each wedge starts as a Wide Sole and has varying amounts of the trailing edge removed.  You will also notice that even the Wide Sole has a significant amount of relief in the heel to allow for hitting open-faced shots.  Choosing the right sole is important, so I’d recommend working with a PING fitter to find the best option for your swing.

Another change in the sole is that PING has added more bounce.  If you’re turning up your nose at that, stop.  PING is ahead of the curve on this (no surprise), and you will see more and more OEMs making higher bounce wedges in the coming years.  I took the Standard Sole 60° to the ultra-tight fairways at Streamsong and it performed brilliantly.  Because I had no fear of digging, I made aggressive swings and hit zero thin shots.

Moving to the grooves, PING designed different groove shapes for different lofts to maximize spin.  In the 47° to 54° wedges, the grooves are designed for maximum volume to create more spin on full swings.  In the higher lofted wedges, the grooves have sharper to maximize spin on half shots and pitches.  All of the Gorge grooves are milled at PING’s US facility to ensure the tightest tolerances possible.

Finally, each Glide wedge comes with PING’s new Dyla-wedge grip.  This grip is 3/4″ longer and has markings every 1 3/8″ to allow players to choke down more and dial in their distances on partial shots more precisely.

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From the grip to the sole, the PING Glide wedges are engineered to give you your best chance to hit it close to the flag.  While there are wedges with snappier marketing pitches, there aren’t any that are as carefully designed to perform well at every loft.  These are a must-try if you’re revamping your wedges this year.

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  1. Ordered a set of Glides just last week. Although there is still 8 inches of snow on the ground here in Kewanee Illinois. 2 hours south west of you by the way. I can’t wait to see my new scoring sticks! 50 SS – 54SS and 58WS.

  2. Dr Ivan L. Simoneau

    Excellente analyse. Vous êtes une personne très pédagogique. Je partage vos impressions au sujet des wedges Ping Glide.


    Dr Sim

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