Callaway MAVRIK MAX Irons Review

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The Callaway MAVRIK MAX irons are very large and very long.  Amazing consistency.  Decidedly easier to draw than to cut.


Last year, Callaway used artificial intelligence to create Flash Face which made their drivers faster than ever.  In 2020, that technology has been implemented throughout the MAVRIK line, from drivers to irons.  The Callaway MAVRIK Max irons use Flash Face plus the company’s other proven iron technologies to produce more consistency than any other iron in the line up.


The MAVRIK Max irons are big.  From the substantial offset to the enormous top line, everything about this iron clearly says, “Built for forgiveness.”

In the bag, only the wide soles hint at the character of these irons.  The cavity is tasteful with just two thin stripes of orange and moderate branding.  A mix of shapes and textures keeps thing interesting but not visually overwhelming.

Sound & Feel

Setting up to my first shot with the Callaway MAVRIK Max irons, I fully expected an impact sound that was thin, loud, and hot.  However, thanks to Callaway’s use of over one million urethane microspheres, contact felt surprisingly solid.  Overall, shots on the center are crisp and definitely feel fast, but the face doesn’t feel thin and click-y.

Similarly, I was surprised at how much feedback there was in the MAVRIK Max irons.  When I hit a shot deep in the heel or toe, I could clearly feel it.  Thanks to the aforementioned microspheres, those shots didn’t sting my hands, but there was no question that those shots weren’t pure.


One of the things I learned in talking with Michael Vrska (listen HERE) is that the face of each iron in the MAVRIK family is unique.  Callaway studied the strike patterns of different levels of players with each club and designed the faces accordingly.  This, combined with unique CGs and lofts, means that the only thing the three MAVRIK iron sets share is a name.

Contrary to my expectations, the MAVRIK MAX irons do not have the strongest lofts in the MAVRIK family.  The Max starts with a 20 degree 4I and has a 43 degree PW.  The lofts of the standard MAVRIK irons are stronger throughout.  Though they aren’t the strongest MAVRIKs, the lofts on the Max irons are still brawny.

Thanks to the MAVRIK Max’s low center of gravity, I was still able to produce meaningful distance gaps between irons and playable landing angles.  As with any strong-lofted iron set, it’s imperative that each golfer customize their set make up so that they have useful distance gaps between clubs.

The strong lofts and Flash Face technology are effective in creating huge ball speed.  I saw more top end ball speed from the MAVRIK Max than either the standard or the Pro.  Even more important is the consistency.  Every time that I crushed a shot, it went the same distance – there were no unpredictable fliers.  On the other side, when I missed shots, they were only 10 yards short of my better swings.

Finally, the MAVRIK Max irons want to hit draws.  My shot pattern on Trackman was very tight, but it was entirely on the left side of the center line.  I tried to hit some cuts and managed mostly straight shots.  This draw bias will be a blessing for many golfers, but if you are a hooker, you might want to look elsewhere.


For players who want to hit their irons longer than ever or minimize their slice, the Callaway MAVRIK Max irons are a great choice.  Even if you’re not totally distance driven, the consistency of these irons makes them worthy of serious consideration.

Callaway MAVRIK MAX Irons Price & Specs

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  1. are you planning on doing a specific review on the Mavrik Pro set?

  2. Thanks for the review!
    Are you sure of the loft specifications though? When you browse Callaway’s site the regular Mavrik seems to be the stronger lofted version, instead of the Mavrik Max. I find this a bit confusing as the X version of the Rogue was the one with the ridiculous lofts. I like the shape and size of the regular Mavrik but two gap wedges are out of the question for me personally!

    Best regards,

    • Matt Saternus


      I made a mistake and switched the spec graphics for the MAX and standard irons. Thank you for pointing that out! The review has been amended and is now correct.



  3. A 41 degree PW? Do the TT Elevate shafts help mitigate the loft jacking? (I have TT Elevate 95 shafts in my sub 70s to help with shock on my hands, but still too early to tell if they help with loft).

    • Matt Saternus


      I made a mistake (which has now been corrected). The PW is 43 degrees. The TT Elevate is a higher launching shaft compared to standards like the Dynamic Gold.



  4. Sorry but your specs are for the Mavrik. The 7 iron is 27 degrees, the Max 7 is 30 degrees to hit higher. Great clubs though as I have them. Unlike some max type of clubs like TM the lofts are not jacked.


    Hi Matt

    You recently provided me with some valuable feedback on new irons . They were the Taylormade P790’s , Mizuno MP20 HMB’s .

    I haven’t purchased anything as yet but now looking at the new Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons as they look nine although they are not forged .

    I would appreciate your feedback on these as an option against the cobra king forged Tec Irons . The Mavrik pro’s just look better



    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested the MAVRIK Pro irons yet, but I’d be very surprised if they’re not excellent performers given the quality of the rest of the MAVRIK line.



  6. Very good review. I currently play to a 19 handicap and am trying to decide between the Mavrik standard and the Max. I like the look of the standard better but am concerned about the aggressive lofts and how they will stop on the other end. Did you find the standard version had a good decent angle.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t reviewed the standard MAVRIK irons yet. I would strongly suggest testing both versions with a fitter to find what works better for you.


  7. Richard Patterson

    I hit the standard Mavric with the strong lofts. I hit the 7 iron just high enough for me and that was with during range balls. Premium balls should go higher with regular flex. Getting mine in a week. I’m going from a stiff shaft to a regular

  8. I just bought set of Maverick Max irons 5-sw. I also bought the 4 hybrid which is awesome. Bought these for various reasons. Most of which you covered. Must say they are amazing clubs. Very happy with my choice.

  9. Hi, I´m looking for a new set of irons and was considering the Titleist AP3, Callaway Rogue and now the Callaway Mavrik.
    I have a high handicap, around 28. Which set do you think could fit me better? I´m currently using Callaway Razr X Black.

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way for us to make a credible recommendation without working with you in person. The three sets you mention are all fine choices, but if you want the best performance you need to test them all with a fitter to find the best combination of head and shaft.


  10. Do the Mavrik Max Irons come in Stiff flex or just Regular flex?

  11. I’m 63 n bought these callaway mavrik max irons. Used to play ping irons but the max gave me more distance n better control.I play right handed n love to draw the ball which these clubs make it very easy to do.i went with 4 hybrid-aw .Bought the 9 degree driver the previous year n that added another 20 to 25 yards .love these clubs.

  12. Matt: This review was very helpful. I was seriously consider a purchase of the Callaway Maverik Max irons until I got to your comment about the draw bias on the irons. My misses usually are hooks. How cautious should I be in looking at these irons? If not these, then what would you recommend. I’m 78 yrs old and a 10 handicap.

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is always to get fit before you buy so you can see if the hooking is a concern for you.



  13. I had originally bought a set of the Mavrik Pro irons and have since replaced the 6 iron with the Max. The lofts on the 2 sets make this possible. I really like the Max 6 iron, it’s easy to hit, launches high, and miss hits still travel pretty well.

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