Callaway MAVRIK Fairway Wood Review

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The Callaway MAVRIK fairway is technology driven, yet retains a traditional, albeit distinctive, look.  Impressive ball speed and powerful distance.  Slight draw bias.


Even as golf paused for many of us, the MAVRIK family of clubs from Callaway has forged a clear identity.  I’d like to claim that our reviews of the drivers, irons and hybrids [check them out HERE] were the main factor in the exposure, but the clips of Phil boasting about “hitting bombs” may have had a bigger impact.  Either way, MAVRIK clubs are a common sight in the bags of average golfers and pros alike. 


Even from a distance, there’s no mistaking the distinctive metallic orange of the MAVRIK fairway wood.  Boldest on the toe of the club, the orange wraps around the underside of the head to frame a very attractive sole.  The orange pinstripe on the trailing edge of the crown brings cohesion to the look.

At address, the fairway is of typical size with an attractive round shape.  Solid black at the front, the high gloss finish fades to clear, revealing the graphite weave construction of the crown.  The chevron gave my eyes a focus point along with a subliminal message: “Please hit here.”

Framing the golf ball on the face, the white lines provide another visual indication of ideal strike location.  Face height is modest with a shape that looks conducive to successful shots from the rough.  

Sound & Feel

Across the Flash Face SS20 face of the MAVRIK fairway, strikes created a crisp metallic crack of moderate volume.  The head felt stable and powerful even when contact wasn’t centered.  I could feel when contact wandered towards the heel or toe, but overall feedback was minimal.


It’s a concept that’s still hard to get my mind around, but Callaway has utilized artificial intelligence to optimize every face of every club in their arsenal.  Going from a 3 wood to a 4 wood doesn’t just give a loft change, the face construction is also different to maximize performance.

With a single weight located deep and low on the sole, the MAVRIK fairway is billed as “high launch and flat trajectory.”  My ball flight was more low/mid, with noteworthy rollout.  Ball speed was excellent.  For my game, the 3 wood is all about distance, and the MAVRIK really delivered.

The MAVRIK fairway is also designed to have a slight draw bias, which my results confirmed.  As someone who typically hits a little draw, the bias gave me a left tendency – playable but not ideal.  And while the previous model Epic offered adjustability, the MAVRIK hosel is fixed.


The Callaway MAVRIK fairway has wonderful looks and feel, but it’s the technical features that really deliver.  Whether it’s attributable to Jailbreak, Flash Face, or the design of the body, ball speed and consistency are excellent.  And although the draw bias of the MAVRIK fairway wood wasn’t an ideal fit for me, it certainly would be a welcome attribute to golfers who struggle with a slice.

Callaway MAVRIK Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Aksel Nielsen

    Have you tried the speed training sticks ? Would be interresting, to see if you could get more speed

  2. Abel Anabalon

    Compré el Driver Mavrik y estoy sorprendido por su rendimiento y sonido, pues los comentarios de la cabeza inteligente eran de verdad.

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