Callaway GBB Epic Fairway Wood Review

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50 Words or Less

The Callaway GBB Epic fairway wood is hot and easy to hit.  Very low spin.  Great sound.


With the unbelievable – and well deserved – hype surround the GBB Epic driver, it would be easy to overlook the fact that Callaway released a GBB Epic fairway wood.  Easy, but not smart.  With a high tech crown that allows Callaway’s engineers to put weight where they want it, the GBB Epic FW performs up to the standards of big brother.

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Sexy.  The first time I set the GBB Epic fairway wood down, that’s what I thought.  From the carbon fiber crown to the slightly triangular head shape and the neon green accents, this is simply a great looking club at address.  The size of the footprint and face depth are average, so it will have appeal across a wide range of golfers.

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Sound & Feel

While the GBB Epic fairway doesn’t have the Jailbreak technology like the driver, it does share the same solid feel.  There are no thin metallic sounds here; impact produces a solid, medium volume “crack.”  Feedback on mishits is good and is transmitted through feel more than sound.

Callaway GBB Epic FW LM Data


The signature technology in the GBB Epic fairway wood is the ultra-light triaxial carbon crown.  This crown is 78% lighter than steel which allows for more weight low and in the perimeter of the club.  Translation: it’s super easy to launch high and very forgiving.

In my testing, I was impressed with the ball speeds – they were among the highest I’ve ever produced – but what blew me away was the high launch and low spin.  I hit a lot of shots with sub-2000 spin, which is crazy for a 3W.  Coupled with the highest launch angles I’ve ever seen from a 3W, the GBB Epic FW has the recipe for the longest FW shots I’ve ever hit.

As per usual, Callaway is offering a wealth of fitting options with the GBB Epic fairway wood.  There are six different heads available – 3+, 3, 5, 7, Divine 9, and Heavenwood – and each one has the OptiFit hosel which can increase or decrease loft.  Add to that the choice of four premium shafts and you should be able to configure the club, or clubs, that will hit the exact distances you need.

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Thanks to the GBB Epic fairway wood, Callaway is making it possible to be epic-ly long from the turf as well as the tee.  Whether you’re a player who has struggled to get fairway woods airborne or you hit too many weak, spinny shots, this is a club that you need to test this season.

Buy the Callaway GBB Epic FW HERE

Callaway GBB Epic FW Price & Specs

Driver Spec & Price Graphic

Matt Saternus


  1. Mitchell Beck

    Hi Matt –
    Great review! What loft did you use to collect the launch monitor data?


    • Matt Saternus


      The 15* pictured.



      • Mitchell Beck

        Wow. Thanks!

        My Rapture might be in trouble…I’ve got it set to 13.5, but if this club can match it at a higher loft…

        I’ll be curious to see what Club Champion can show me!

  2. Thanks Matt. Great numbers! Do you have any data on the peak height and decent angle? Also what ball were you using?
    FWIW I play Aeroburner TP HL16.5 for few reasons…loft, open face angle & 43.5/D5. It would be interesting for us draw flight players to see the tracer flights/data of this 3w with 1 deg open.

  3. Each head does not have the opti-fit hosel. 7 wood & Divine 9 do not.

  4. W. B. Neal

    I just bought one about 2 weeks ago. It is finally a club that meets all the hype. It is longer than any other 3 wood I have hit and very forgiving.

  5. How would you compare this 3W with the Callaway XR16? Easier to hit? Launch? Foregiveness? That is my current club that I hit only when all things are perfect. Do you think Callaway is working on the same technology in the driver for the fairway woods?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know if Jailbreak will make its way into the fairway woods, but I probably wouldn’t bet against it.

      I didn’t compare the Epic to the XR16 head to head, so I can’t make a good comparison. I would suggest taking your current club and testing it against the Epic in a fitting.



  6. which stock shaft did you use for this review?

  7. In the review for the Tour Edge EX10 fairway that you wrote you seemed to like it very much. But now since you have reviewed the Epic fairway what do you think? If you were to choose between them which would you prefer & why? You seem to get slightly better numbers with the Epic.

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s just a coin flip on preference between the two. I ended up putting an EX10 Beta in the bag, shaft TBD.



  8. Great review Matt, thank you. For a slower swing speed (88 mph driver) would the spin be too low to optimize distance?

    • Matt Saternus


      There are lots of factors besides swing speed that contribute to spin: AoA, dynamic loft, shaft, etc. I think the GBB Epic is worth a test.



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