Callaway Big Bertha OS Irons Review


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The Callaway Big Bertha OS irons are at the very top of the list for forgiveness and massive distance.



Callaway has long had a reputation for using innovative technology in their irons.  The Exo-Cage construction used in their new Big Bertha OS irons will certainly enhance that reputation.  This design appears to have more in common with a driver than an iron and is geared toward delivering maximum distance and forgiveness.



The first thing that struck me about the Callaway Big Bertha OS irons is the finish.  It’s a slate grey that not only looks great, it wears well.  The problem with black finishes is that they show every ding and scratch.  Through all the testing I’ve done, this finish still looks like new.

The dark finish does make these irons look a bit smaller, but, at address, they’re still SGI irons.  They have wide soles, thick top lines, and plenty of offset.  In the bag they look much better than most super game improvement clubs because the branding is minimal and the color palette is sharp and modern.


Sound & Feel

If you only heard the Callaway Big Bertha OS irons at impact, there’s no way that you’d guess that they’re super game improvement clubs.  SGI irons are typically loud with a hollow, metallic sound.  These irons, however, have more in common with the sound of a players cavity back: a crisp, solid, quiet snap.

The feel is equally solid and provides surprisingly good feedback given the level of forgiveness.



Can I interest you in a 7I that carries 200 yards?  That’s what I found the first time I put the Big Bertha OS irons in the bag for testing.  These are some of the longest irons I’ve ever tested, and that’s without a perfectly fit shaft.  The stock 80-gram steel shaft is surprisingly stable, but I expect there’s even more distance to be had when you’re fit into them.

That kind of distance carries throughout the set.  I hit the 4I every bit as far as the PING G Crossover that’s in my bag, making me think that these irons could have something for everyone.  For the high handicap player, a full set makes sense.  For the stronger player, throwing a couple of Big Bertha OS long irons in the bag can help tame the par 5s and long par 3s.

In addition to being long, these irons are ridiculously straight.  I thought that all of the offset would lead them to be hook-prone, but the vast majority of my shots simply traced the center line on my launch monitor’s screen.

Finally, a hat tip to Callaway for designing versions of the Big Bertha OS for women and seniors.  The women’s and senior’s version utilize the same performance technologies, but they’re lighter to increase swing speed, and they have more loft to promote longer carry distance.



I went into this review expecting the Callaway Big Bertha OS irons to be very solid performers, but I came away thinking they’re much more than that.  These are among the very best SGI irons I’ve ever tested by any metric: distance, forgiveness, or accuracy.

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  1. Brian Gallagher

    I’m 46 and this was my second year golfing. I’m addicted. I go the the range before or after work, sometimes both. I bought my set of irons from a second hand sports shop, Orlimar. There is a big difference in cost for the Big Bertha and Big Bertha OS irons. Is there that much difference in club? Don’t want to over spend. GREAT site

    • Matt Saternus


      The best thing to do is to get fit and find out if there’s a big difference for you. Not getting fit is penny wise and pound foolish, always.



  2. They do look big, I’m sure it would be nice to hit some rockets with these clubs.
    I love that they come with a 4 iron . Instead of a hybrid, for people who now how to play ,and don’t mind using max forgiveness clubs.
    Nice write up Matt.

  3. My average 7 iron was 150 yds. I am hitting the Callaway OS Big Bertha 7 iron 171 yds. Get fitted though. There is a big difference in my game with these.

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