CaddyDaddy Ranger Golf Bag Review

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CaddyDaddy is known for their travel bags that can double as a regular golf bag.  The new Ranger from CaddyDaddy is a small Sunday bag that gives you a compact, lightweight option when traveling or hitting the range.


The Ranger Sunday bag holds up to nine clubs comfortably and is great for that executive par-3 course, a trip to the range, or a golf trip where you want to travel as light as possible.  Think “vacation with the spouse, but might try and squeeze in a quick round.”  The bag itself weighs a measly three and a half pounds but has a decent amount of storage space with three pockets.  Once you add the padded cover, the Ranger transforms from a lightweight Sunday bag into a heavily protected travel bag for any flight.


While style isn’t the most important thing in a Sunday bag, nobody wants to carry an ugly bag.  The CaddyDaddy doesn’t do anything to stand out from the crowd, but offers a very plain, traditional, and simple design.  The bag has a black body with the option for navy blue or silver trim.  Nothing over the top here, just a classic looking golf bag.


I’ve seen quite a few CaddyDaddy bags in the past, and they’ve always had great quality.  The Ranger is no exception.

The bottom is a sturdy plastic, and the body of the bag is heavily reinforced for travel purposes.  The “1680D Fabric” feels extremely tough, like it will survive being thrown around the airport.  The protection level also seems extremely sturdy, which will prevent clubs from being snapped in half during transport by the “not so careful” employees at the airport.

As someone who treats his clubs like they’re my children, I’d trust the quality of the CaddyDaddy in a heartbeat.

Design & Performance

The design for the Ranger is pretty standard for a Sunday bag in that there are no dividers.  Where the Ranger is different is in the structure of the bag.  Most Sunday bags are meant to be folded up and thrown in a closet.  Since the CaddyDaddy doubles as a travel bag, the body is reinforced and sturdy, allowing the bag to stand upright on it’s own.  This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on what type of storage that you need.

Performance-wise, the bag is excellent for a trip to the range.  It’s sturdy, lightweight, and carries enough clubs for a typical range session.  Although I haven’t taken any trips lately, I’d have no problem sealing my clubs in the bag and taking them on a plane without worry.  Overall, the CaddyDaddy Ranger does it’s job.


If you have the space for an extra golf bag or are looking to travel really light for a trip, look no further than the CaddyDaddy Ranger.  Whether you want a bag for those quick range trips, walking the executive nine, or are hoping to squeeze in a few holes on that vacation, the CaddyDaddy Ranger is worth looking at.  While it’s not a bag made for everyday use, it serves it’s purpose extremely well, being very compact, sturdy, and lightweight.  Overall, the CaddyDaddy will make a great companion for light travel or that quick trip to the range.

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