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Caddy Slacks makes pants specifically designed for golf.  Good fit, nice features.  Style could be improved.


On every tee box, on every course, you can find golfers digging around in their pockets looking for a tee.  On every green, you’ll see people searching for a ball marker.

Caddy Slacks aims to end this frustrating search with pants specifically designed for golf.  I slid into a pair to see if they make golf more fun or if they’re a solution in search of a problem.


Caddy Slacks have six features designed for on-course performance: a magnet for your ball marker, elastics loops for your tees, a scorecard pocket, a glove holder, a cell phone pocket, and a ball pocket.  The ball marker magnet needs to be removed for washing and is too small, so that’s a miss for me.  The tee holster is solid, and the velcro for the glove is great.  The three pockets are a mixed bag.  I like all three of them, particularly the cell phone pocket because it keeps a large, heavy item out of the way.  However, I have set routines of which items go in which pockets.  Taking advantage of the Caddy Slacks required undoing some habits, but ultimately I found it worthwhile to have superior organization.

Beyond the special features, Caddy Slacks are everything you would want in golf pants.  The material is breathable, dries quickly, and it’s SPF 40.  It’s heavy enough that it looks and feels good but light enough to be wearable in warm weather.

Style & Fit

I love the fit of my Caddy Slacks.  The waist sizing is right on, and the thighs and seat are neither skinny nor baggy.

Caddy Slacks are available in four colors: khaki, brown, charcoal, and black.  The belt loops and lower rear pockets are trimmed in an accent color as you can see in the photos.  In the khaki/brown pairing, the accent is minimally noticeable, but it stands out in the black and charcoal.  I would have preferred that Caddy Slacks either got rid of the accents so that the pants are more wearable off the course, or go balls-out and make the accent colors bold.  As it is, the look is just a bit off.


My khaki Caddy Slacks shorts have grabbed a regular spot in my summer golf wardrobe.  Even when I forget to use all the features, the quality of the material and fit make them a good wear.

Given the price point – $89 for shorts, $110 for pants – I would like to see the style improved, but I think Caddy Slacks has created a solid foundation to build on.

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  1. Oh my God, these are DREADFUL. If I “wore” my tees on my butt, I’d get ribbed by my partners unmercifully. I also don’t want to play with anyone who needs a cell phone as a yardage finder. Magnetic ball mark holder on MY PANTS? Hard pass. Plus the black belt loop on a light gray slack/short looks awful. The inventor of these was apparently trying too hard to create solutions for problems that really don’t exist (or shouldn’t exist). And all this for $89 (shorts). Look for these in the Rock Bottom Golf clearance cave in a few months.

    • John Staropoli

      Nice design finally someone’s thinking outside the needs to go into a direction where you look like your playing golf instead of another day at the office

  2. WOW!! $89 for the shorts & $110 for the pants?!?! .. seems like a nice invention but gotta keep that cost down ! .. unfortunately, I’ll have to pass

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