Bombtech Golf Grenade 3 Wood Review

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50 Words or Less

The BombTech Golf Grenade Fairway Wood is a low-launching, low-spinning club that could be a bomber in the right hands.


If you’re not familiar with BombTech Golf, let me get you up to speed.  In 2011, the company’s founder, Tyler Sullivan, started a quest to build a better driver.  That quest culminated with the Grenade driver which has received great praise from many independent thinkers in the golf media.  Subsequently, BombTech released the Grenade putter and now the Grenade fairway wood.  We put this latest release to the test to find out if it lives up to the standard set by its big brother.

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You can see that at address, the Grenade fairway wood has a no-nonsense look.  The matte black crown is free of any alignment aids, and the footprint is round and average sized.

The overall look of the club is eye-catching with its black and green color scheme.  The stock Matrix shaft looks very similar to the mythical candy lime Matrix shafts from the heyday of Bomb Squad Golf, and it’s stunning.  My one gripe with the shaft is that I wish it had been installed logo-down.  The branding is white and is in stark, distracting contrast to the lime green.

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Sound & Feel

The sound of the BombTech Grenade fairway wood is muted with moderate feedback.  The feel is firm which I equate to being more traditional.  It is unlike many other fairway woods which make you believe every shot went flying off the sweet spot.  Whether or not this is a good thing is up to each golfer, but I prefer the honest feedback to the false confidence .

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If you dig through Bombtech’s website, you’ll find that, instead of the usual bragging about Tour wins, the pages are full of information about how the club was designed and manufactured.  The Grenade was co-engineered with the Engineering department at the University of Vermont, a partnership that created the original Dual Cavity Design.  BombTech claims that this design reduces drag and puts more weight behind the sweet spot.  In addition to the unique design, the Grenade features a face made of C455 carpenter maraging steel for “higher ball speeds and better feel.”

Of course, all that is just a nice story if the club doesn’t actually perform.  What I found in my testing is that the Grenade fairway wood is fairly long and will be a major advantage for those who hit their fairway woods too high and with too much spin.  This is a low-launching, low-spinning club.  Getting the ball airborne isn’t hard, but hitting it high requires a really pure strike.  Thin shots will result in single-digit launch angles and balls that roll for days.  I found the ball speeds to be good, on par with the steel-faced fairway woods from the major OEMs.

I would recommend the Grenade to a number of different players.  First, as I mentioned, are players who launch the ball high and spin it a lot with their fairway woods.  Those players should see big distance gains from the Grenade.  I’d also recommend it to players who use their 3W primarily from the tee where the low spin should result in longer shots.  I would suggest that players who struggle with their fairway woods, especially those who hit lots of thin shots, opt for the 18-degree model or look toward a higher-launching club.

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So, can the Grenade hang with the big name OEMs?  Absolutely.  I won’t tell you that this is the best fairway wood for every golfer, but for those that it fits, it will be great.  What’s nice is that you can find out if the Grenade is a fit for you with very little risk.  BombTech offers a 60 day guarantee that these will be “THE BEST GOLF CLUBS” or you can send them back for a 90% refund.  The only requirement is that you take 200 swing with your BombTech club.  If you’re looking for more distance from the fairway, this is an offer worth taking.

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  1. Interested Ina 3wood with senior shaft

  2. Bennie Montgomery

    Senior 5’7′ interested in 3 wood. Can i demo it anywhere?

  3. I’m interested in a 13.5 degree 3 wood.

  4. charles wireman

    Ordered my clubs.

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