Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The 2017 Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 putter is a perfect choice for your everyday gamer.  Great shape, excellent feel, and first tier craftsmanship.

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If the Queen B series is where Bettinardi lets loose and has fun, the Studio Stock is where they get down to business.  Drawing on one of their most desirable head shapes and using F.I.T. Face milling and a no-nonsense finish, the Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 will find a home in the bags of many serious players this year.

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The Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 is a beautifully crafted putter, but it forgoes flowery embellishments in favor of a more workmanlike appearance.  This starts with the all-business Mercury Gray finish and extends to the black and blue paintfill.

Bettinardi borrowed heavily from their sought-after JAM in the shaping of the Studio Stock #8. The hallmarks of this putter are the high toe and the way everything slopes down and thins out toward the heel.  Additionally, you’ll notice that this putter is slightly narrower than a standard Anser, and the bumpers are rounded at the toe and heel.  Overall, the look is unique while still being familiar and comfortable.

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Sound & Feel

Just like the Queen B #9, the Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 is milled from a solid block of carbon steel.  The difference is that the Studio Stock features Bettinardi’s F.I.T. (Feel Impact Technology) Face.  This softens the sound and feel to a “thud” which gets slightly higher pitched when you use a firmer ball.

Something that Bill helped me to realize is that the F.I.T. Face makes the sweet spot sound larger compared to the honeycomb milling.  With the F.I.T. Face, I could still feel small mishits, but I didn’t get the change in sound on small misses like I did with the Queen B.

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With a full shaft offset and 45 degree toe hang, the Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 will feel familiar to most golfers.  Where Bettinardi sets themselves apart is in the craftsmanship that makes every putter perfectly balanced with a sweet spot that matches the single sight line.  Alignment is another thing that makes the Studio Stock #8 a bit unique – some golfers will aim more accurately with a high-toe putter.  The forgiveness on this putter is exactly what you’d expect from this traditional head shape – enough to cover up small misses.

Just like with the Queen B, Bettinardi is offering the stock Lamkin grip in two sizes.  Be aware that when opting for the larger grip, the 358 gram head will feel lighter because of the lower swing weight.

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In my opinion, the Studio Stock #8 is the best off the rack putter yet from Bettinardi.  The head shape is fantastic, and the overall aesthetics are attractive while still begging to be gamed.   Bettinardi’s F.I.T. Face milling provides the satisfying feel that makes you want to stay on the putting green until the sun sets.

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  1. When i started playing golf, some 30 years ago, there were 3 putters


    It feels like now there are 500 putter companies that all make spectacular putters at massive cost.

    Which is best? IMO purely down to styling these days, i may be wrong

  2. Matt,

    How does the studio stock 8 compare in size(blade length,face to flange)and shape to the toulon rochester, and which would you pick and why? Thanks

    – E

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t had the two side by side, so I can’t say how the size compares. I’ve played a lot of Bettinardi putters over the years, and enjoyed them, so I would opt for the Studio Stock #8.


  3. Just bought a Studio Stock 8, and given the high price it certainly was not an easy decision. I felt guilty leaving the store, but after a few rounds and a lot of time on the practice green it looks as though this may be my best equipment decision ever. This putter is truly extraordinary, it has everything, looks, feel, craftsmanship, balance and performance. Distance control and accuracy, it feels more like a surgical instrument than a putter. Practicing with the Bettinardi is nearly as much fun as playing a round!

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