Bettinardi Queen B #9 Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The Bettinardi Queen B #9 putter is a unique mid-mallet designed for players with an arcing stroke.  Beautiful.  Great feel.

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Over the last few years, Bettinardi’s Queen B line has become known for putters that combine beauty and performance.  This year’s Queen B #9 is no exception.  Whether you’re looking for a showpiece or a gamer, this flat stick is a great choice.

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To lead with anything other than the honeycomb milled face would be a mistake.  While Bettinardi has been doing this milling for many years, in my opinion, no one in the industry has created anything that surpasses it for sheer beauty.  The honeycomb face transforms a putter into something worthy of its own display case.

The overall shape of the Queen B #9 is unique and beautifully executed.   It’s not another rounded, symmetrical mallet, nor is it another TPA XVIII clone – the Queen B #9 is its own thing entirely.  The heel and toe are boxy enough to provide a little alignment help but curved enough to be smooth and appealing.  Similarly, the size gives you a little confidence boost at address without being unwieldy.

The sole of the putter has some fun with the Queen B theme.  A swarm of crowned bees fly across the sole, leading your eye to the cursive branding and the proudly displayed “Made in the USA.”

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Sound & Feel

As you would expect from a putter milled out of carbon steel, the feel of the Queen B #9 is soft and satisfying.  The impact sound can be either a “thud” or a soft “tock” depending on the type of ball you’re using.

What most impressed me about the Queen B #9 is the level of precision in the feedback.  From an audio perspective, even the slightest mishits are noticeable.  Though the putter is quite stable, mishits can be clearly felt in the hands as well.

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The Queen B #9 was designed by Bettinardi as an offering for the player with the arcing stroke who still wants the stability of a mallet.  As someone who fits that description to a T, I got along brilliantly with this flat stick.  The half shaft offset and 45 degree toe hang worked very well for my stroke.  I also found that the larger head and heavier weight (362 grams) provided more stability on mishits than I’m used to.

Lamkin provides the stock grip for the Bettinardi Queen B #9 – a white corded grip – and it’s offered in two sizes.  I opted for the larger version because I really like the strong pistol shape in the butt of the grip.  The difference in size between the standard and jumbo is substantial, so be sure to try both and get the one you feel more comfortable with.

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Mid mallets are where great putter makers really separate themselves.   There’s a lot of room to make something impressive, but there’s also a lot of room for mistakes.  With the Queen B #9, Bettinardi created a putter that shows their mastery of the craft.  This putter looks beautiful, feels great, and performs well on the greens.

Matt Saternus


  1. patrick berjaud

    Matt , Great review as usual !

    How is the forgiveness with this putter ?

    Thank you !


    • Matt Saternus


      It is on par with similar mid-mallets. Small mishits will certainly get to the hole, but it won’t do the whole job for you.



  2. Ordered :-)

  3. I purchased a Queen B #9 a little over two months ago and I have had more 1-putt holes than I have in the last two years of golf.
    This is not an exaggeration, and anyone with a slight arc in their swing will benefit GREATLY from a Queen B #9!!

  4. Where can I get a new or used left handed Queen B 9?

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