Bettinardi Queen B #8 Putter Review

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The Bettinardi Queen B #8 putter is a beautiful mallet putter with excellent feel.  Moderate forgiveness.  Designed for player with minimal arc in their putting stroke.


For 2017, Bettinardi released two new models in its Queen B line: the #9 that we reviewed in February, and the #8.  While both models are traditional mallets, the #8 is the one designed for players with a straight back, straight through putting stroke.


From an address position, the Queen B #8 is reminiscent of a wide-body Anser with a chunk taken out of the middle – a style that has become popular in the past few years.  Further inspection, however, reveals a wealth of unique details.  Most notably, the shoulders and bumpers slope toward the heel and toe creating a deeper cavity.

The Queen B #8 features Bettinardi’s signature honeycomb face milling.  This mesmerizing pattern steals the show and elevates the putter from good looking to 10/10.

The sole of the putter has some fun with the Queen B theme.  A swarm of crowned bees fly across the sole, leading your eye to the cursive branding and the proudly displayed “Made in the USA.”

Sound & Feel

Just like the Queen B #9, the feel of the Queen B #8 is soft and satisfying.  The impact sound can be either a “thud” or a soft “tock” depending on the type of ball you’re using.

The Queen B #8 also has an impressive level of precision in the feedback.  From an audio perspective, even the slightest mishits are noticeable.  Though the putter is quite stable, mishits can be clearly felt in the hands as well.


Where the #9 is designed for players with a slight arc in their putting stroke, the Queen B #8 is built for the straight-back-straight-through putter.  Combined with a properly fit grip (Bettinardi offers two very different sizes), this putter will provide a stable feel for the player seeking to minimize face rotation.

The forgiveness in the Queen B #8 is better than a blade putter but not as good as high tech mallets from other makers.  Small mishits will still get to the hole, but if you wander too far from the middle you can expect to see line and speed affected.  The Queen B #8 is a great compromise choice for players who want something beautiful that feels great but don’t want to lose all the forgiveness of a mallet.


The Queen B #8 is a strong addition to a great 2017 class from Bettinardi.  Longtime fans of this line will enjoy the mix of familiar (honeycomb face) and new (the finish and shape).  Players who haven’t tried a Bettinardi before should prepare to be impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of this flat stick.

Buy the Bettinardi Queen B #8 HERE

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  1. Sean Frazier

    How much toe hang does this putter have?

    • Matt Saternus


      Bettinardi calls it “1/4”. I’d say it’s a bit less than 45 degrees.



      • Regarding the toe-hang, I really love this putter and I’m close to taking the plunge after a fitting led me to this flatstick. Currently using an Odyssey Rossie (white hot insert) and looking to switch to a milled-face and more blade like. I like that the #8 is a compromise in that the tow-hang is “in-between” which suits the fact that no matter how hard I try the SBST stroke, I inevitably pull putts when a square face combines with a slight arc in my stroke. Would you agree with my assessment? Where I’m confused is whether I should instead invest in lessons and drills(!) to fix the pulls. Also, I don’t want to make a pull stroke with an open face to result in a straight putt…is that what this putter offers me?

        • Matt Saternus


          Your question opens a really big can of worms. My short answer is that I would not try to “fix” or change my natural stroke, I would get a putter that fits it and practice with it.

          If you’d like more extensive thoughts on putter fitting, check out Bruce Rearick. He’s more knowledgeable on putting than anyone I know.



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