Bettinardi BB32 Counterbalance Putter Review

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The Bettinardi BB32 Counterbalance is a well balanced mallet putter making control of the putter a breeze.

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As we reach the end of our exploration of the 2014 Bettinardi BB series, we take a look at the Bettinardi BB32 Counterbalance putter (BB32 CB).  The BB32 was my favorite BB putter this year and I formed a quick bond with the mallet shape it offered.  After spending so much time with the standard BB32, I was excited to see how well the BB32 CB held up compared to its little brother.  What I found was a great option to replace your belly putter before 2016 gets here.

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The Bettinardi BB32 Counterbalance putter shares most of the same visual features with the standard BB32.  The face is shorter from heel to toe and this makes finding the sweet spot on every putt much easier.  As with the rest of the BB series, the BB32 CB has the signature Bettinardi honeycomb milled face which is designed to create a perfectly flat putting surface.  For those looking to find a plumber’s neck putter with a little more body than a #1 shape, the BB32 is an excellent choice.

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Sound & Feel

At impact, the Bettinardi BB32 Counterbalance putter gives you a nice muted “thud.”  The putter doesn’t sound dead by any means, but it doesn’t have much of a metallic click sound.  It gives you a very nice soft sound with the soft feel to match.

Generally speaking, the Bettinardi BB32 Counterbalance putter has a very pure feel to it, but I feel this is largely based on the balance of the putter making it easier to find the sweet spot every time.  With extra stability, precision engineering, and soft carbon steel, the BB32 CB has all the characteristics required for optimal feel in a putter.

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As previously mentioned, the Bettinardi BB32 Counterbalance thrives on its stability.  By design, the BB32 putter is inherently stable as a mallet putter, but the addition of the counterbalancing only makes the putter more stable and easier to put a consistent stroke on the ball.  For those looking for a stable putter to replace their anchored putter prior to 2016, I think the standard BB32 is great option, but the BB32 CB is going to be even better with its higher balance point and extra weight.  If you’re a player that’s looking to switch to a smaller head from a larger mallet and still maintain some stability, then the BB32 counterbalance was perfectly designed for you.  Once you adjust to the weight and shift in balance, the Bettinardi BB32 Counterbalance begins to feel like a putter you can’t miss with.  It’s easy to maintain your line throughout the stroke and the result is a smooth end-over-end roll that’s as close to perfect as you’re going to get.

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If I’m perfectly honest, the BB32 Counterbalance putter had a real glimpse at finding its way into my bag as the gamer.  The BB32 is my favorite shape out of the entire Bettinardi BB series, so I knew I would like how it looked, but the results I saw on the green after the adjustment period were impressive and it was hard to argue with not only how well I was rolling the ball, but how easy it was.  Being I’ve never been an anchored putter guy, I thought there was never a chance I would feel a desire to deviate away from standard length, but I’m the Bettinardy BB32 Counterbalance keeps calling my name each time I’m about to head out to the golf course…and one day, I’m finally going to listen and I’ll be glad I did.

Price & Specs

The 2014 Bettinardi BB Series retails for $299.  The CB (Counter Balanced) models retail for $349.

The available models are the BB1, BB1F, BB1 CB, BB32, BB32 CB, BB43, BB55, and BB55 CB.

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