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The Bettinardi BB1F putter is Bettinardi’s Anser-style putter with a flow neck for more arcing strokes.  Impeccable craftsmanship and feel.


Though most of the buzz in the putter world is reserved for new, high tech mallets, Bettinardi never forgets that there are those of us who prefer more classic styles, too.  For players who prefer “timeless” to “high tech,” there’s the Bettinardi BB1F.

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The Bettinardi BB1F has all of the beautiful craftsmanship that we’ve come to expect from Bettinardi.  The BB1 head shape has a little more bulk than other Anser-style putters, but everything is in perfect proportion.  At address, the “shoulders” of the putter frame the ball well and a single sight line aids in alignment.  The BB1F has a glare-reducing silver finish and a modest amount of branding in the cavity and on the face and sole.  Of course, the most standout feature of any Bettinardi is the precision-milled honeycomb face.

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Sound & Feel

As with the other BB1-style putters in the 2014 BB Series, the feel of the BB1F is exceptional.  The milled steel head has a soft feel at impact, but it retains just enough “click” and crisp feel to keep it from feeling mushy.  Also, as you would expect from a high end milled putter, the feedback is extremely clear.



The primary difference between the Bettinardi BB1 (reviewed HERE) and the BB1F is the neck: the BB1 has the standard plumbers neck where the BB1F has a flow neck.   This changes two things that are critical to the putter’s performance: the offset and the toe hang.  With reduced offset and increased toe hang, the BB1F is designed for players with a more arcing stroke.  Though many players think that they make a straight-back-straight-through motion, virtually everyone has some arc and most have more than they realize.  If you’re currently struggling with a putter that has more offset and less toe hang, you’d do well to try the Bettinardi BB1F.

For me, I came into this review knowing that this putter would fit me well – most of the putters I take to the course have similar offset and toe hang.  The BB1F definitely delivered on the performance that I expected.  I found it very easy to square the face to my target without any unnatural manipulation of the club.  Also, because of the excellent weighting and feedback, I found it easy to judge distance on the greens and get those long putts close to the hole.

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Whether you’re a longtime fan of Bettinardi or someone who’s new to top shelf putters, the Bettinardi BB1F is worth a look.  The classic shape makes it an easy “pick up and play” option for most golfers, but a closer look shows you why this putter is special.  The level of craftsmanship in this putter is something you simply won’t see from many manufacturers, and that translates to improved feel and better performance on the greens.

Price and Specs

The 2014 Bettinardi BB Series retails for $299.  The CB (Counter Balanced) models retail for $349.

The available models are the BB1, BB1F, BB1 CB, BB32, BB32 CB, BB43, BB55, and BB55 CB.

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