Bermuda Sands Fall 2017 Apparel Review

50 Words or Less

Bermuda Sands golf apparel brings focus to the details that matter on the course. The breathability and stretch of the fabric bring the product home.


Whether you are taking a swing or maneuvering your way onto a barstool at the 19th hole, your golf clothes should move with you and work for you. Bermuda Sands golf apparel does both. The fabric and the fit make the tops and bottoms comfortable. The details make them versatile, attractive, and sensible.


Golf clothes are more than a front, back, and sleeves. Details make Bermuda Sands apparel stand out. First, dark mesh details give visual interest to sleeveless pieces and functionality to that otherwise tricky spot under the arm. The collar of the Isabel sleeveless top is at once flexible and unyielding. Even when zipped all the way up, it has enough give to stay comfortable against your neck, but you don’t have to worry about a slouchy, misshapen collar.

I’ll get to the feel of the skorts in a minute. First, I want to tell the ladies out there about these pockets. They are deep, deep pockets. You can actually fit your entire hand in one of these pockets. This may sound ridiculous to the men out there who have never experienced the pants pocket that can only accommodate one or two knuckles. Or even worse, the skirts and shorts with no pockets. But ladies, you know what I’m talking about. No more asking your date to carry things for you. No more feeling like you may need to carry a purse out on the course just so you can have a spare ball, a tee, and a marker. These pockets have you covered.

On the men’s side, Bermuda Sands polos and pullover shine when it comes to movement.  Both pieces stretch easily allowing you to move and swing anyway that you want.  Also, despite their substantial weight, they breathe well in the heat.

Style & Fit

As promised, the feel of the skort. The skirt is great, stretchy but not tight. The magic is in the shorts. They fit like your favorite pair of leggings but with cool, silky fabricThey hug but don’t ride.  In this case, that’s what you want.

The sleeveless tops make great layering pieces, either zipped up or with the collar down for a flashy show of color. The tops are true to size, though the armsythe (arm hole) is a smidge small for my taste. Luckily, the stretchy fabric provides some forgiveness in this area.

For the men, the tops fit true to size.  Both pieces offer a little tailoring to keep them from being boxy, but aren’t slim fit.  You can be confident that you’ll look good in your normal size.


Bermuda Sands golf apparel is not only bold and stylish, it is comfortable. For a relaxed feel and a sharp look on the course, try on Bermuda Sands apparel. You will not be left feeling sandy.

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