Ben Hogan TK 15 Wedge Review

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50 Words or Less

The Ben Hogan TK 15 wedges are a great addition to any golfer’s bag.  Superior control on full shots, versatile, with excellent feel.

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Among golf equipment aficionados, Terry Koehler was best known for developing the beloved SCOR wedges.  He now has a new title, president and CEO of Ben Hogan Golf, but he’s brought along much of what made SCOR’s clubs successful to the new Ben Hogan TK 15 wedges.

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At address, the Ben Hogan TK 15 wedges are beautiful and traditional looking.  Just like the new Hogan irons, the wedges become more rounded in the toe and leading edge as the loft increases.  The ringed ferrule is a classy, old school touch.

When you look at the back of the TK 15, you start to realize how different it is from other wedges.  Where most wedges have a giant mass of metal near the sole, the TK 15 looks much more like a muscle back iron.  There is a small “dimple” in the back where the Ben Hogan logo is, but otherwise most of the weight is evenly distributed throughout the club.  As I’ll discuss shortly, this is the key to its performance.

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Sound & Feel

Just like the Ft. Worth 15 irons, the Ben Hogan TK 15 wedges are tremendously soft.  These wedges are forged from carbon steel to produce a very soft, muted sound at impact, even when you’re using a firmer golf ball.

Also, just like the irons, the feedback is exceptional.  Whether it’s on the toe or heel, high or low on the face, you’ll know precisely how you struck each shot.

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The Ben Hogan TK 15 wedges are designed to flow seamlessly into a set with the Ft Worth 15 irons, and they do just that.  Both the irons and wedges use the Hogan PreciseLoft System.  This means that they produce a club at every loft – the wedges range 48 to 63 degrees – so you can have the exact same distance gaps throughout your bag.  I found that from my longest iron to my 62 degree wedge, there were consistent 10-12 yard gaps both on the course and on the range.

The greatest strength of the TK 15 wedges is their control on full swings.  As I mentioned earlier, these clubs have far less weight in the sole than other wedges.  What that translates to is a stronger, more consistent trajectory on every shot.  Where full shots with other wedges get battered by the wind, the TK 15 hits piercing shots with predictable distances.  That means more shots that end up near the cup and more birdies.

In addition to the unique weighting scheme, the TK 15 wedges feature a V-Sole.  The sole of each wedge is divided into two areas: a high bounce area and a low bounce area.  The bounce near the leading edge is very high – anywhere from 18 to 35 degrees – and the bounce on the rear portion is very low – just 4 to 6 degrees.  This gives golfers the best of both worlds, the “insurance” of bounce when you need it, but the ability to get the leading edge low when necessary.  I found the V-Sole particularly good in the sand.  In a soft, fluffy bunker, I can lay the club open and thump the bounce against the sand.  When the sand is wet and hard, the club slices under the ball easily.

Finally, I’ve received many emails and comments asking about how the TK 15 compares to the SCOR wedges.  In short, anyone who played SCOR clubs will love these new Hogan wedges.  The V Sole is just as versatile, launch and spin are nearly identical, and the look is very familiar.  The biggest difference is that the TK 15 is markedly softer feeling.

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Whether you’re pairing them with a set of the Ft Worth 15 irons, replacing your SCOR wedges, or simply looking to put more control and precision in your short game, the Ben Hogan TK 15 wedges are a must try.

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  1. Nice analysis and corresponds nicely to conversations we have daily with our Hogan customers.

    Precision is Back!

  2. I bought one to the wedges to try and loved it ! I have since added 2 more wedges.

  3. I love my TK 15 wedges. I have 55, 58 and 61. My A wedge in my TM set is 50 degrees and these wedges fit perfectly in my distances. I have thought about adding a 52 since I don’t carry a 4 iron and have room in the bag but I can’t get a new one from Hogan. They only have certain degree wedges left from the TK 15. Best wedges out there imo.

  4. Rod Padilla

    Love my 53 and 58 degree wedges.

  5. Guy Richard Hall

    Just picked up the set of Ft Worth 15 hi and what better way to say happy birthday me than to present oneself w/this gorgeous set of TK-15 wedges: 52, 56, 60 rounds out the bottom of my Hogan bag

    Now the fun begins

    Thank you for a great review, this piece is a big reason i moved on it.

    All the Best.


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