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Bastain Milled BM-CR & BM-DH Putters Review

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Building on decades of experience, the BM-CR and BM-DH putters from Bastain Milled have the classic feel and performance of the familiar Anser style, plus the finishing details to make it yours alone.


Ever been to Dallas?  I’m talking about North Carolina, not Texas.  I have many a time, but I sure didn’t know there was a putter studio there until recently.  That’s where Kyle Lucas, a master CNC machinist for over 25 years, turned his passion for golf into a new business.  Kyle had been manufacturing putter heads for other companies for more than 5 years when he decided in 2015 to launch his own product line – Bastain Milled.  The BM-CR and BM-DH are two of his first designs.  If you like beautifully milled putters, keep reading.


You don’t have to be a complete golf geek like those of us at PIG to recognize the familiar Anser stylings of these putters.  But you are a golf aficionado if you already concluded that the DH of BM-DH stands for Dale Head.  The CR stands for Carolina Roller, which is the bottom putter in the first picture or the one on the left in the other paired shots.

All the lines of the putters are very balanced and executed beautifully.  The face milling and small circles on the back side are flawless and show the skill Kyle possesses.  I really like the ‘cookies and cream’ polymer finish with the grey paint fill.  As you can see on the Bastain Milled website, other finishes are available as well as other customization.

Sound & Feel

With both putters being milled out of solid 1018 carbon steel and having similar shape, I fully expected them to sound the same – but they didn’t.  The BM-DH had a pleasant, medium “tock”.  The BM-CR had more of a “click”.

Hit the sweet spot and the feel is solid and predictable.  Catch a putt towards the toe and your hands know it and your ears catch a slightly higher pitch on the sound.


Both Bastain Milled putters had a wonderful, effortless flow to them.  The 350 and 355 gram head weights let you know where the putter is at all times, but in balance with your stroke.  The BM-CR has a 15° toe hang while the BM-DH has a modest 30°, both of which perform well with an arcing putting stroke.  Both putters feature 3° loft and got the ball rolling quickly for me.

Like any putter in this category, stay near the center of the putter face, and you’ll be rewarded with consistency.  When I strayed towards the toe, my putts rolled out past my intended distance.  My dreaded heel shot got what it deserved.

Building on the colors mentioned above, I really found the grey sight line a plus.  It allowed me to see the alignment, without drawing my focus to it like a bright white line does.


When you see “proto” on the neck of the big brands, it typically means you can’t have one.  Not at Bastain Milled, where Kyle is ready to make a putter that’s truly one of a kind.  The BM-CR and BM-DH are beautifully milled, solid performers, with the feel you expect from a classic style.  The real magic is in the satisfaction of having a putter finished like you want, that’s pleasing to your eye, and that will make your playing partners envious.

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  1. Can you put the lines across my putter face like the roll Tec on the 2018 Taylormade putters just the lines across the face

  2. Would like my Newport bleached out if possible

  3. I need tungsten weights installed in the sole of a putter.
    Can you do this?
    Would love to hear from you, thanks!

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