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The ASICS GEL-KAYANO ACE 2 spikeless golf shoes provide both wonderful comfort and great on-course performance.  Fresh, refined look.


As someone who wears ASICS spikeless golf shoes frequently, I was thrilled to see the second iteration of the GEL-KAYANO ACE.  I was so confident they’d be comfortable straight out of the box that I brought a fresh pair on a PIG golf trip to Fripp Island [full review HERE] in March.  Did they make it through the final putt three days later?  Keep reading to find out.


From the ground up, the GEL-KAYANO ACE 2 share the athletic presence of their predecessors.  The thick white midsole melds easily into the glacier grey synthetic uppers.  I like the striation cuts across the toe box much better than the original pattern.  The less prevalent ASICS stripes also add to a more refined look, while the neon lime accents give the shoe personality.

That neon lime color really pops on the sole.  The rugged traction elements make it clear that the GEL-KAYANO ACE 2 are not running shoes, though the upper does give that impression.

The ASICS GEL-KAYANO ACE 2 come in three additional colorways: white/black, white/peacoat, and white/shocking orange.


Golfers in my foursomes are always curious about the ASICS shoes I wear, and the GEL-KAYANO ACE 2 were no different.  Based on their positive experiences with ASICS running shoes, the typical comment is, “Those look comfortable.”  Without hesitation I tell them they are super comfortable.  What’s really impressive is the GEL-KAYANO ACE 2 are even more comfortable than the original that I proclaimed in 2022 were “one of the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever worn.”

The key to the comfort boost is additional cushioning around the ankle – both in the surround and tongue.  The additional padding didn’t affect the desirable secure feeling.  The Ortholite insole feels the same with a great balance of cushioning and support.  It’s also worth noting that the laces are shorter, which is a much needed improvement.  They’re long enough to tie without nearly dragging on the turf.


The ASICS GEL-KAYANO ACE 2 strike a good balance of mobility and stability.  They’re lightweight, yet have plenty of structure.  And most importantly from a performance standpoint, the shoes provide ample traction.  During that PIG golf adventure, I encountered a multitude of surface conditions and never felt compromised.

The uppers of the ASICS GEL-KAYANO ACE 2 contain a thin waterproof PU lining that kept my feet dry in heavy morning dew.  Surrounding the heel in the neon lime is a solid plastic element that provided tons of lateral stability.  This feature really helped me build my turn without fear of losing my balance.  Moving down the shoe, the midsole once again utilizes FlyteFoam, a lightweight, shock absorbing material.  That same white FlyteFoam is exposed in key areas of the sole allowing for flex while walking and weight transition during the swing.  And finally, there’s the namesake “GEL” – a pod located on the outside edge of the heel for an extra boost of cushioning.


The ASICS GEL-KAYANO ACE 2 easily made it through all 99 holes of golf on the PIG trip.  I credit the comfort and support of the shoes to enhancing my overall endurance, and I continue to be impressed with the traction ASICS has been able to employ in their spikeless golf shoes.  Regardless of whether you play often or occasionally require an emergency 9, the ASICS GEL-KAYANO ACE 2 are worth your consideration.  These shoes have already become a regular part of my rotation.


Matt Meeker

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