Argolf Mordred LT Putter Review

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The Argolf Mordred LT is a high MOI mallet with one-of-a-kind looks, unique manufacturing processes, and smart design.  Loads of custom options.


Arthurian legends, aeronautic engineering, and high-grade aluminum: Argolf combines some unusual elements to create a boutique putter that is beautiful, functional, and unique.  Though I honestly have no idea who Mordred was, I’m willing to bet he could really roll the rock.


Mordred LT is not for the traditionalist or the faint of heart.  Looks-wise, it’s Batman meets heavy metal.  Down by the ball, you get a big footprint that doesn’t cross the line into unwieldy.  I’m a mallet player but it’s important that the putter head doesn’t look like it’s the size of a shoebox.  Indeed, I’m told that the Mordred LT is a slightly smaller version of the original Mordred putter.

For me, the wings extending out the back, while busy looking, help promote a gently arcing stroke.  The front of the putter, meanwhile, has a very square shape that makes square contact feel simple.  The single line alignment aid also contributes positively.  While I chose white for my paint fill option, Argolf has numerous colors you can choose from.  I also think it’s worth mentioning that the matte black finish produces zero glare, which makes it easy to lock in on the ball and the hole.

Sound & Feel

While most premium putters are either made of steel or feature some kind of multi-material construction, the Mordred LT is milled from a solid block of aeronautical-grade 7175 Aluminum.  The sound of impact is a mid-range ‘tock.’   The sound is more muted compared to what you might expect from a milled steel putter.

By no means is the Mordred LT a lightweight putter (it’s 360 grams) but it’s nowhere near as heavy as you might expect given its size and shape.  I found it very easy to draw back and make a smooth stroke.


If you’re thinking that the unusual material would result in some sort of downgrade in performance, think again.  I got consistently good results out of this putter and became comfortable with it very quickly.  In fact, I might even argue that the lighter weight material provides the high MOI that mallet users are looking for in an easier-to-handle package.

Results in terms of aim, forward roll, and distance control all seemed to be within the upper limits of what I could reasonably expect, given my skill level.  The quality of the roll off the face and the consistency in distance control seems attributable to the Argolf’s Grooved C-Claws Technology, which is the milling pattern on the face.


I admire Argolf for being a boutique putter company that truly does things differently than the big names.  It has its own unique story and its own approach.  And as I found out testing the Mordred LT, that approach works very well.

Another aspect of its approach that I appreciate is the wide variety of customization options.  In addition to paint fill, shaft color, length, and lie, you can also choose your grip of choice, for a reasonable added fee.  This putter may not be for everyone, but I think there are lots of golfers who will be excited to discover what Argolf is doing.

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  1. richard pearson

    Pointless article if you don’t give the price

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for reading Richard. As with all our reviews, we included a link to the Argolf website where you can find details on pricing. I just clicked it and the Mordred LT is currently $319 and I see Argolf has a $50 coupon special.

      – Meeks

  2. Fascinating design. It does look like it came right off the Batman movie set – it should come with a cape. (And btw one account is that Mordred was the evil, illegitimate son of Arthur and Morgause, who eventually betrayed Guinevere and Lancelot. Something of a demonic character.)

    Are there any real world physics behind the unusual articulations and angles of the head (you mentioned “smart” as in CG/AI, I assume?), or are they more for looks?

    Any idea of how this finish holds up on aluminum?

    No mention of shaft – anything to it?

    And then, ahem…er, um, afraid to ask…cost? (Gulp.)

    This would be a pretty wild addition to my putter collection, and even more awesome to whip out on my buddies on the first green at 6:30 am.

    Thanks Dylan.

    • Matt Meeker

      Appreciate all the comments Jay – and yes, it would definitely be fun on that first green of the day. Based on my time with other Argolf putter models, the finish holds up very well. Black PVD KBS shaft. The putter is $319 and Argolf has a $50 off promotion running on their website.

      – Meeks

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