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Antigua’s roots in the golf market are apparent in their line of quality men’s performance apparel.


As my esteemed colleagues before me have pointed out in earlier apparel reviews, what you wear on the course is very much determined by personal preference. Price, fit, style, brand; the list of factors goes on. Personally, I won’t wear anything that doesn’t look good and fit well, regardless of who makes it or how much it costs. Antigua’s shirts and performance apparel look great and are reasonably priced, but most importantly, the fit is spot on.

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The moisture-wicking properties and breathability that is promised of the Antigua Icon and Elite polo shirts is powered by their Desert DryTM and Desert DryTM Xtra-Lite D2XL, respectively. The 100% polyester fabric delivers on the promise and feels comfortable even when things get a little toasty, yet the shirt doesn’t feel awkwardly thin, the way some moisture-wicking fabrics do. The shirts can also be comfortably layered under a jacket or sweater, without getting binding or irritating.

I had the pleasure of testing out the long sleeved Ace Performance Tee and the Match Short. I’ve worn the Ace in a variety of situations: golfing, running, playing softball, working out, etc., and I love it. A good article of clothing shouldn’t be noticeable during activities, and by itself or under layers, the shirt was breathable and kept me cool and dry.

The same can be said about the shorts. While these wont ever see a tee box, they are quickly becoming my favorite shorts to wear in the gym. I’m hard on my clothing and the Match short is thicker and more durable, without sacrificing breathability. The waistband does a great job at keeping the shorts where they belong, and the fit is roomy enough to move comfortably in, yet not too big as to get in the way or look baggy.

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Style & Fit

Style-wise, Antigua has something for everyone. I’m a simple guy, so I usually lean towards solid colors, but the selection will certainly allow you to make statements. I find that my black and red Icon works really well on days when I golf and the Blackhawks play, and matching a shirt to my Hawks hat is more important to me than it probably should be.

Again, fit is tops on my priority list, and it’s probably helpful to note that everything I tried on was a size Medium. My stats are 6’2” 200lbs with an athletic build and larger than average thighs that all hockey players can relate to (relevant when discussing the short fit.).

I don’t like looking like I borrowed a shirt from a defensive lineman, nor do I want to look like I borrowed it from my 9 year old cousin, and the Medium shirts from Antigua fit me perfectly. The cut is trim, but not binding in any way. The sleeve hits lower on the bicep, about 2-3 inches above the elbow. It’s a bit longer that I usually wear, but quite nice and not in any way binding during a golf swing. The length of the shirt is actually quite perfect. It’s long enough to be tucked in and stay, but if you’re playing a little more casual course, you can certainly go un-tucked without looking sloppy.

As I mentioned before, the Match shorts are great. The fit allows you to move without being restricted, and they stay in place. The leg opening allows a full range of motion without being baggy, and the Desert DryTM  does a great job at keeping the shorts breathable.

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Antigua is in the mid-to-lower end of the performance golf apparel price range, but without sacrificing quality. Like I mentioned, I’ve put all of these items of clothing through tests that are far beyond anything you’d ask of them on the course, and including multiple washes, everything has held up great. I lost a drawstring on the shorts, but it’s not needed anyway, so it wasn’t even an issue. For anyone looking to upgrade from that heavy cotton polo to something that breathes, looks good, and fits great, definitely check out what Antigua has to offer.

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Value, durability, breathability, great fit…you can’t ask for a whole lot more than what Antigua’s line of performance apparel offers. For a weekend warrior or anyone who is looking to up their style game without breaking the bank, look no further. I’ll definitely have Antigua in my rotation for the foreseeable future.

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